Diep date 27th June -encouragement needed please

Hi ladies, I am new to this, but am feeling like I need some support from some ladies who understand what Im thinking and feeling. I had my bilateral mx in March, I had the LD flap, it went well and to begin with the size and pain was ok, however by May the muscle had decreased alot in the centre of my chest and I was getting awful back pains where the skin has been stuck down. the surgeon has said she will do a couple of fat transfer operations to fill out my breasts which I am so hoping will work as I have lost all my confidence and hate how i look and feel, I am sure all will be ok, just wondered if any one else has had this procedure done and was pleased with the result?

Hi Anne Lisa Jane Pam
Thanks so much for all your possitive replies it really does help me to see you all come out the other side. I cant wait to beable to wear tops without worying about the prothesis and if its too low (not that I want to bear all!!) I just want to have choice and also those bras, I dont tend to wear a mastectomy bra much but the ones which fit well are always more expensive.
I was pleased with my pre op visit but although the nursing staff etc are really nice they dont have the personal experience you all have.
I was told to buy big knickers and sports bras (1 size bigger) but not to get them until a week or two before the op and to keep the receipt for the bras so I can return them if I dont use them for a refund.
Kim: I think we are made from the same cloth, although I havent cancelled the op I have felt like it, and like you am a control freak so being told not to do anything etc is not easy. I have been given a speadsheet with dates down one side and tasks along the top and it has when I can do things, weeks one and two nothing and week 3 dusting!! on so forth, I was also given loads of leaflets to read. I have had some negative comments “if I was you I dont think I would go through another op” but they arn’t me and dont know how I feel with just one boob and also a strange one due to the LD not working. I am glad to have someone on the site who is going through the op in the same month so we can support each other. I would PM you but with this new site I am worried you wont get it.
Well I am off to my daughters to help her out with the housework etc and to spend some time with my 3 year old grandson and 5 day old grand daughter (thats the only time I dont seem to think about the op)
Have a nice weekend everyone

sorry the duplication is still happening

Hi L
I am now just a little over 2 weeks post op. I can honestly say that I am pretty much now just doing normal things. Hubby has gone back to work…thank goodness, and even though I am taking it easy, I can pretty much do all the things that’s could do previously.
Hav a little discomfort under my arm, but this is just from the lymph node removal, so am sure that will settle down soon. Haven’t seen a doctor or consultant since 2 days after I came home, and my next appointment is on 12th June. I then see my oncologist in the morning, hopefully to find out all of the nitty gritty… She should also be letting me know if I need rads. I then see. Y plastic in the afternoon, so that he can admire his handwork. Lol.
Big pants - I bought some in matalan - they are brilliant, and some in marks, they are not so good and twice the price. Thru to get ones that are firm fitting and go above your tummy button. I got my normal size, squeezed into then pre-op, but they fit perfectly now. Am going back to matalan for more, as you have to wear them 24/7 for 3 months. Not sexy, but they do the job!
Bras - was a 34/36 pre op, had to get 40 for 1st week after op, now in 38, hoping I will reduce at some point to 36’ as I feel as. It as a house.
Enjoy grandchildren… Anne x

Like everyone I was in two minds in respect of my delayed reconstruction -DIEP/TRAM. I know its a big op and was worried that maybe I was tempting fate and my prothesis wasn’t that bad. I had my Op in November and now 6 months down the line and had no regrets at all. I am so very pleased with my new boob and just come back from holiday and no worries about putting on bathing costume and/or swimming - also can wear anything (even sleeveless which was a no no before). The op is a long one but they are so good the drugs take care of everything and I afterwards I felt fine a bit groggy but thats all. It does take a while for you to be able to walk ‘straight’ as the tightness in your tummy encourages you to walk like a bannana but gradually you will get back to norm. I am doing face for life later this month so you can see recovery is quick and I have two lovely boobies to show off! Still awaiting my new nipple but that should be done later this year. Good luck with yours and you will not regret it I promise. xx

Thank you so much to everyone who has replied, three weeks today I should in there having the op done. They said they take my down at 8.30am, and you have all said you have had the same feelings as me so that also makes me feel much better.
I have been ill over the weekend with a stomach bug so bad I lost 7lbs in weight (every cloud has a silver lining!!)and have done nothing or seen no one, I have really missed seeing my grandchildren but didnt want to pass it on, my husband also had the bug so its been loo roll at the ready sick bowls and bleach!!! He had his first so recovered first so for the last couple of days he has been back in training for when I have the op!!!
I am going to look for bras this week and pants so your suggestions will save me time and of course money I have booked my hair to be done before I go in and I have having refelxology the week before also (s*d the expense!!!)
Cant wait but sh*t scared, that you all so much you are all an inspriation to me

Hi Tinfish

I am nearly 14 weeks post op after my mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction. I remember speaking to you at the time and now can’t believe it will soon be your turn…how time flies.

Everything went to plan with my op and recovery was quite quick compared to some. All I can say is do as you are told, listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Good luck with it all, I am sure you will be fine.

Thinking of you
Natalie xx

Hi Natalie
Thanks, yes time does fly I remember your postings prior to the op and I am so glad you are well and recovering… Yes I am going to try and do what I am told when I went for my pre op they gave me a spreadsheet of what I can do which I think should be reworded things I cant do . This time in 3 weeks I should still be asleep and hopefully getting to the finish of the op.

Hi All

Well even though I am still having to wear a small cover type prothesis I still dont regret it at all, maybe the first week or two but then i had a diep and a tram so suffered a bit but like others i wanted to cancel had lots of morbid thoughts and allsorts and even though I had a blood clot it was sorted so fast… I need another op as about two cup sizes different due to problems with rads etc. however I still dont regret it and it’s already changing my life, I wore scarves everyday even on hols as my implant had capsulated and was up at my collar bone, since the op it’s costing me a forturne in my own handmade jewellery and buying things and great not to wear the scarves.

Good Luck xxx

Oh my God the time is going to quick until the op, I went out yesterday and bought some bras from Asda (in 2 sizes) pants (in 2 sizes) ordered some more bras from Tescos (2 sizes) checked everything else and I have 3 nighties, 1 dressing gown, hand fan, wipes, deodarant, moisturiser, shower and hair stuff of course makeup, dry shampoo slippers. Going to get some of that cooling spray if anyone thinks i have forgot anything please let me know.

Bottles of squash, straws are also helpful for first day one two! X

Am watching this shamelessly as I am awaiting date for my Mx with immediate DIEP recon. I see my ps on Monday, so fingers crossed I’ll get a date soon. Where are you having your DIEP?

Sue x

Hope you get your date soon, I found the waiting the worst. I can hand on heart say that it is nowhere as bad as I imagined.
Good luck
Anne x

I have just had MX with immediate DIEP (29th May) - came out of hospital yesterday evening. Well, actually I spent the last 3 days in an on-site patient hotel which is for patients not
requiring full medical attention but who still need to be nearby. I still had my tummy drains so they wanted me around for them to measure them and change them if necessary. Last drain came out yesterday so I was allowed home :slight_smile:
I was looked after SO well and it really is not as bad as I thought it would be. It is well worth it to have a cleavage and a breast and as far as I am concerned it got rid of a large spare tyre on my tummy :slight_smile:
I consider myself lucky to have been able to have had the immediate reconstruction as I am not sure I would have had the courage to go back to have a later one - I do sympathise with you about nearly cancelling - if it had not been for the fact that the cancer needed to be removed I would have cancelled too but believe me the waiting is the worst - the actual event is nowhere near as bad as our imaginations make it!
There is a book which I wish I had seen BEFORE my recon which I recommend you try and get a look at - you might find that your BCN knows of a copy somewhere. It is called “The Boudica Within” by Elaine Sassoon (a plastic surgeon who has done hundreds of recons). http://www.boudicawithin.com/ or you might even want to buy it - ooops I have just looked on Amazon and it is £75 plus P&P so maybe not!! Still you might be able to get a sight of it somewhere. There was a copy in the Day Room of my ward in hospital.
Keep smiling (it makes you feel better as well as everyone else :)) and keep positive.

I have just investigated further on the The Boudica Within website and the book is available for less than £15 plus P&P from them direct so why those ppl want on Amazon want £75 for their copies I am at a loss to understand.
If you have just under £17 to spare and can’t find it anywhere else to look at - it is well worth it.

Hello all,

Well later today I am due to go into hospital for my op tomorrow (that’s if you can catch me - my very scared self says!) I do feel a wee bit calmer than a few days ago but it is a very thin veneer that can crack at any time. I have been such a cow to live with these last few weeks so much so I really think oh & kids will be glad of the peace and quiet while I’m away!!! I did have a bit of a positive point in my week as my BCN put me in touch with a lovely lady who had the same op as I’m due to have back in January. We met up and got along great and after 2 hours of boob banter she showed me the results of her/my surgeons skilled handy work. I was very, very impressed ( as was she) and would be happy for my out come to look like that. I can’t thank her enough, I feel confident now that I can live with the results of the surgery… I have just got to resist the urge to do a runner (not a good look with one of those backless hospital gowns and my arse hanging out) prior to them getting me to theatre!!!
I know I have to go through with this op to be one step closer to being rid of this Horrible BC but I am still scared witless about the actual operation and immediately afterwards and no amount of “you’ll be fine” seem to help. So sorry to sound so wooly and pathetic but I hope that maybe you ladies will be some of the few to understand what I’m feeling right now - or have finally lost the plot???
Well if I don’t get a chance to post before monday I hope to post later next week… In the mean time if you hear reports of traffic chaos on the A38 caused by woman running in hospital gown showing her arse… Yep you guessed it…that will be me!!!
Kim xxx

Thoughts are with you for tomorrow, when you wake up, pain free, you will ask yourself why on earth you stressed such much beforehand, I know I did!
I was a horrible cow for about 2/3 weeks before my op, I was so ashamed after at how moody I had been before, my husband and girlies, just said - don’t worry about it, if we were in your position, we would have probably have been the same
Don’t worry if you cry just before going into theatre, it just means that they put you to sleep quicker. I think they expect you to have a few tears, it’s normal!!!
Monday evening, you will be propped up on your pillows, drinking a cup of tea and wondering what on earth all of the stress was for.
Go girl! Xx Annex

Kim: I wished we lived nearer as you sound like you have the same feelings as me, going by what the onthers say this time next week you will be so glad you went through the op. I know what you say about the family, yesterday I felt like all I was doing was snapping (couldnt help it!!) but if I didnt keep going I would have been in floods of tears. Not helped however by my husband deciding to have our bathroom upstairs refitted whilst I am in hospital!! so we went out and chose the tiles and to be honest I wasnt 100% in the mood, but we got some in a clearance and whatever gets done will be so much better than the 25+ years old bathroom we have!! I think I have everything now and next week will be sorting out stuff etc, getting everything up to date and then the next week is for me, hair/reflexology and meals out with friends and family. I hope you dont mind but I read your post to my OH so that he knows that the way I am isnt personal. Good luck for your op and please keep in touch when you can
Anne: You and the other ladies are an inspiration and your stories and helpful tips are a godsend.
In a way I hope the next 2 weeks for me goes quickly but in another way hope it goes slow.
Thanks to you all


I am having mine at East Grinstead, you?

Hi Lizdeb
Your hospital sounds good, I am sure the care for this op seems 2nd to none wherever you have it done. I have heard very good reports and hope mine will be as good. I will be at east Grinstead and to be honest have heard some wonderful reviews.
Its sunch a shame we all worry so much but I think its the un known and for most of us we seem to like to be in control and thats taken away from us.
I look forward to hearing about your recovery