DIEP flap following LAT dorsi recon 4 years ago

Has anyone else experienced this?
In April 2002 I was diagnosed with a 4.5 cm cancer in my right breast abd DCIS in the left.
I underwent bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
In Jan 2004 I had a bilateral Lat Dorsi reconstruction.
I had a very stormy post op period which resulted in the loss of my right implant 10 days post op due to infection.
Just over a year later, I had another implant inserted on the right side and this was successful.
In the interim, I had 3 implants inserted and subsequently removed on the left side, due to infection / rejection before sucessfully retaining an implant in November last year.
However, I now have a situation where the right implant has slipped and is causing discomfort and a scan has shown that it is literally sitting directly under my skin and not behind the muscle and subcutaneous fat, as it should be.
My surgeon has today referred me to a consultant who specialises in DIEP reconstruction, as he feels this may now be the better option for me, given that I have had problems in the past with infection and rejecting implants.
Is there anyone else who has undergone a DIEP after having Lat Dorsi recon?
I’d be so grateful to hear your experiences

Hi Doxey
I was diagnosed in 2002 and had a mastectomy and LD reconstruction at the same time as this was advised by the surgeon at the time.I had chemo and radiotherpy and everthing seemed fine.However a little while later it was really painful and tight and I could feel it shifting across my chest! I had capsule contracture and had the implant replaced last year along with alot of scar tissue.But after about 6 months it looked worse than ever and is painful and shrinking and has shifted! I am going into Salisbury next month for a diep in fact 2 weeks today! scared but had 2 options either have a complete mastectomy or another reconstruction from my own tissue.I am only 40 and have 3 kids and enjoy swimming and thought stuff it why not! hope it bloody works.3 months off work as I am a chef.Its a big thing to do.Hope this helps
Take Care Amanda