DIEP Flap - NO Mesh used right

I understand when reconstruction is by way of a DIEP there is no mesh used - is this correct


Ideally I’d like to get through operation with no unneccessary foreign objects in my body for any future issues

yes your are right - If you have a DIEP and the surgeon does not take any muscle from your tummy you will not need mesh to strengthen your tummy.   I had a DIEP/TRAM - very similiar procedure but due to my blood vessels not being in very good condition (they use the blood vessels from your tummy and connect to your new breast) he had to take a small portion of muscle from my tummy.  I therefore had to have mesh in my tummy as I would otherwise be risk of a hernia.  I had my reconstuction in 2012 and have had no problems with my stomach strength or from the mesh that was inserted at that time.  

I have just had a DIEP on 20th aug and no mesh was used.