Diep flap reconstruction - breasts hard

Hi x I had Diep flap reconstruction surgery 2 weeks ago and over the last couple of days my breasts have started to feel extremely hard, almost like cement!! The dressings nurse said that she thinks it will be internal bruising and not an infection as they are not red or hot. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems to be gettting worse and my breasts are extremely tender x
Karen xxx

Hi Karen, I had a Deip flap reconstruction 3.5 weeks ago. My reconstructed breast is very hard and uncomfortable to the point that it feels like it is going to burst and the skin is extremely tender! The dressings nurse has referred me back to the PS, who I am scheduled to see on Friday this week. I am torn between waiting until then and ringing the ward to see if I can see someone sooner as it’s getting worse but don’t want to make a fuss if it’s a normal part of recovery. Apart from that everything is going well, the tummy wound has nearly healed and the narcosis on reconstructed breast seems to be getting better on its own - I had been warned that I may need further surgery.

Will let you know how I get on but you have my sympathy!

Thanks June x as you say let me know how you get on x good luck and take care
Karen xx

Hi Karen, I saw the PS this morning who said the hardness is quite normal and is as a result of the bruising caused by the mastectomy part of the operation. He said it was important to wear good supportive bra. The surgical bra I was given by the hospital kept riding up and digging into the reconstruction so this wouldn’t have helped and I have now got a sports bra, as recommended. I just have to be patient although it is better than it was!

Hope that you are feeling more comfortable and that this might re-assure you that it seems to be a common problem

With Best Wishes, June x

That’s great thanks, mine remain hard and tender and I been massaging them and this helps. It has definitely reassured me that it is quite common, I was imaging all sorts of weird and wonderful things x we will just have to tolerate it, hopefully not much longer though!! Thanks again and take care xx
Karen xx