DIEP Flap surgery

Hi, i am new to this so please bear with me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. i also had 22 lymph nodes removed 3 of which were affected. My cancer was triple negative therefore i have not been taking any oral medication.
My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and as a result we were rferred for genetic screening. I have since found out that i have the BRCA 1 Gene, my sister also has it,we didnt inherit from our mum but our dad.

I do not want to rely on MRIs as i have had 2 scares since i was first diagnosed and i cannot bear the anxiety that goes with the process - waiting for test results etc.Therefore i am considering my surgery options, I have been informed that reconstruction using implants is not an option as i have had radiotherapy. i am now considering the Diep Flap with nipple removal option were they remove your breast tissue and replace it with tissue from your stomach. I have met with the consultant and am awaiting a CT angiagram to establish if i am suitable. Although i know i want the surgery as i have 5 yr old twins and intend to be around to see them grow i am very anxious about the procedure. Has anyone has this procedure who can talk to me about their experience?

Hi Sunnysmile

I had a mastectomy and DIEP recon in July. I have sent you a long e-mail that I had prepared for someone else about my experience. I am happy to answer any specific questions that you have. I imagine that I am quite a lot older than you and my children are grown so I could be completely selfish during the recovery period. For at least the first 3/4 weeks I would think that you will need lots of support to take care of your 5 year olds.
Despite a number of problems, I have not regretted mine for a minute.

Good luck,


similar to my situation. I have one expander in on masectomy side and awaiting risk reduction masectomy on other side (brca1) and double recon using tummy - really nervous about it. Expander full now so hoping after 2 months i can get the big op done x