Diep Flap

Diep Flap

Diep Flap I have had chemo, then radiotherapy then mastectomy for BC, diagnosed Sept '05. In Dec '06 I had a tissue expander fitted. Unfortunately this has now started to split out the side & feels so tight and uncomfortable!. Have been referred to another plastic surgeon who has suggested a diep flap. Am interested if anyone has under gone this procedure. Very worried -just want the whole thing to finish but hate not having a left boob !

Publication Dear Aliicia

I have added a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication on Breast reconstruction that is available to either download or order online.
It answers many of the questions you may want to ask, explaining what reconstructive surgery is, who can have it, and why you may choose to have the surgery.


I hope you find it of help

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Hi Aliicia

I had a diep done July’06 it was an immediate skin sparing reconstruction the results were very good. The shape is totaly realistic although I have had a few problems with it - nipple reconstruction wasn’t ok and I’ve had it changed and they put the same weight of fat back into my breast but it looks larger than my original breast and the breast that’s left. The only thing they can do is increase the size of my other breast but they don’t want to at the mo. I would recomend having the op - it is a long one - but I, too, could not have lived without having something there in the way of a boob. You get a tummy tuck as well - my tummy is as flat as a board now. I know how you feel about getting the whole thing finished I’m having my tattoing done in July and I hope that’s the end of it - it could have been done in October but I didn’t like my nipple so I waited because the way I look at it I’ll be living with this for the rest of my life I might as well get it as good as I can.
Hope all goes well and you get the outcome you hope for.

Hi Aliicia

I had a diep recon 4 weeks ago and have had an amazing recovery…childbirth was much worse!! Keep forgetting i had such a mojor op 4 weeks ago at the mo…was driving at 3 weeks …washing my hair in hospital sink day 4 post op…have to say all the nurses and doctors were quite amazed by me so not everyone does quite so brilliantly…but pain was minimal and new flat tummy is a great bonus…

Have you looked on www.diepflap.com its quite a good website…where abouts are you? Like Beverley i had mine done in Norwich under Elaine Sassoon.
Any other questions please get in touch…do you use bcpals website? As you can private message and email thru there.

Lots of love
Anna x

Hi Aliicia,

i had DIEP done just before Christmas. Part of it did die as told it might but they do look after you. Like having a baby everyones experience will be different.

Hope it goes well tell us all about it.
Treakle x

This is my first post on this site. My Godmother has breast cancer which was the reason I started researching all this. Unfortunately it turns out her cancer is too advanced for an immediate breast reconstruction. The DIEP flap certainly seems like the way to go but she’ll have to wait until all her cancer treatment is completed, including radiation.

Has anyone heard of the practice PRMA plastic surgery in San Antonio, Texas?

Four plastic surgeons. All are apparently very experienced in breast reconstruction. They’ve performed over 2000 DIEP flaps and have a very high success rate (over 99%). I’ve heard from a handful of their patients. All had great things to say about the practice. They routinely take patients from all over the USA and from abroad (including the UK).

They have a nice article on their website about finding a DIEP flap surgeon and what questions to ask.

I found this article particularly useful when I started researching docs. I didn’t realize so few plastic surgeons perform DIEP breast reconstruction routinely.

No problem Lucy. I just wanted to let people know about the article.


I too have had diep reconstruction and it was the best thing I have done!!! A nine hour op but hey i was sleeping through it all and have to say afterwards I was only uncomfortable. Last year I got a reduction on the natural breast unfortunately now that is smaller than the reconstructed one so I am getting the reconstructed one reduced later this year. but so far i am pleased with the outcome