Diep I think /any ladies same experience/is it worth it/

Hi ladies .I’m seeing plastic surgeon at wythenshawe tomorrow about my left breast reconstruction.after seeing b.c. Nurses yesterday,it seems the most natural and closest to real breast is the diep ,however it’s the most major and longest recovery would any ladies who have had this share your experience .I’ve had a Caesarian and hysterectomy so I have some idea what it may be like.I’m 48 married and enjoy holidays and i have been told that this diep would look the most natural in a mirror and feel the most natural.do they get a good match to the other boob.is it worth it ladies.

Hi Chillipink
i am booked for a DIEP recon at Wythenshawe for the Tuesday 27th aug. I have been tussling with what to have as a recon and am happy to have settled on this. I have my pre op next week. I had a CT scan on abdomen to check blood vessels last week. Things are moving pretty fast now. Oh, I also had slnb results this morning. All clear!!!
Good luck with your decision. Keep open minded until you see the surgeon. In the meantime, do lots of research. I found it helped to have a good K&U of the subject and its options.
A.j. Xxx

Chilli pink, I’ve just had mx with tissue expander implant. So not as major as the diep. Honestly, I didn’t realise how big my op was. I’m recovering well and very pleased with the result, but I’m 6 days post op and still have a drain in with a lot of pain. I am also 48 and very active, so I have found it hard doing nothing.

a friend of mine had mx and diep last year. She did well, had a minor infection and was in hospital for about a week. It is major surgery , but she’s very pleased. She has gone in today for breast uplift on her good side. It’s been a long haul for her and took her 3 months to get back to near normal. She is pleased she did it, but told me to not underestimate the emotional aswell as physical effects. The think that helped me to decide by thinking longer term, as like you, I’m young and active. My initial response was to go for mx with prosthesis, but the bras don’t come in my size.
for me, I had confidence in the surgeon
i truly wish you well, there is another lady in here, who I have been in touch with. She is hoping to have same as you at same place, shall I message her to message you ? She is lovely and has been so supportive to me

Hi a.j.who is your surgeon for the diep.did you decide because it’s supposed to be the most natural,and look the most natural like me.how long since deciding have you been waiting for op.is it a matter of weeks .if I tell them tomorrow I want this just wondering how long I will wait.thanks Amanda xx

i have also decided on the DIEP as an immediate reconstruction. It for me is the best option, I wanted a natural breast that grew and aged with me. The thought of having more surgery after this cancer left been kicked out is not something I will want.
i went to a meeting at my hospital, Broomfields in Chelmsford where I saw the reconstructions and spoke with the ladies who had had them, some of tthem had blips but it was mostly positive. My advice to you is not to google images, I did and wished I hadn’t.
I am provisionally booked in for 3rd September, sooner the better for me as I’m too have chemo too.
Speak to you BCN for advice on underwear, although Asda are great.
I wish you well x Sara x

Hi Sara .yes that’s what I thought a natural Breast that grows and ages with me.when I get a bit of weight on me the breast will grow and when I loose weight it will shrink.also it will grow south with the other one lol.how many weeks have you waited for the surgery since telling them your choice.

Great !! AJ has found you chilli pink, that is who I was talking about AJ !!
i think our posts must have crossed

Hi Chillipink,
my surgery is provisionally booked for 3rd September which will be 5 weeks from te day I made my final decision. I have already had WLE amd SNB but although nodes were clear my margin wasn’t so I’m having a mastectomy and immediate DIEP. If I Have have a delayed reconstruction the wait is between 18 months and two years.
The end result is amazing, you even geta free tummy tuck (every cloud ehh)

That’s good 5week wait.yes that’s same as me 2wle’s no clear margin but lymph nodes clear.yes 2 for 1 I’ve not had a flat stomach since before I was pregnant 27years ago.so that will be great.just hope I can get it over a.s.a.p. .MRI next week on other breast to check there’s no dcis in that if their is it’s a double mx for me .but I’m sure there’s enough spare tyre for 2 .Amanda x

if you don’t mind me asking, why are they checking your other breaone now, did you have anything come up on you first mammogram? Are you Her+ too?
i worry about the genetic thing too have you been offered genetic testing?

Hello all - A Diep reconstruction is a massive operation - 6-7 hours in theatre and a good 24 hours in intensive care. It’s no walk in the park! I had a Pedicled tram flap at the end of March 2013 and only just stopped with the dressings. I had partial necrotic failure and ended up with a B cup instead of a D cup. I don’t regret having it done but it has taken me 4 months to recover.

I had a double mx with immediate DIEP recon at Wythenshawe over a year ago now - infact I was there last week having stage 2b.

I have no regrets whatsoever in choosing DIEP, yes it’s a huge op - mine was 11.5 hours being a double with full ANC on the bc side - but the results are nothing short of amazing.

I’m very active, I do a lot of hill walking, and the DIEP hasn’t impinged on my lifestyle at all. I love the idea that once completed to your satisfaction, and I’m a perfectionist, then that is it for life!
And last Wednesday when I was at the dressing clinic (and the nurses there are all lovely) the nurse removing some stitches thought that my right breast that I’d just had a mastopexy on was a real breast - including my recon nipple. Yay!! How’s that for looking like a real breast:)
Sue x

Thank you sue .your post has given me confidence.I have had a lot of positive messages .now I know I’ve made right decision.new breast will grow with me and age with me .didn’t like idea of implants something foreign in my body.wythenshawe has a great reputation apparently for this.who is your breast surgeon mine is **********.and who is your p.s. Mine is ************** .do you know them .she reassured me about this op so I trust her.

I had my diep last year in march 2012, it took me ages to get on a list to get it done, I was 44 when diagnosed (2009) did all the treatment and was so desperate to get my life back on track, however the surgery and recovery were honestly hellish, I completely underestimted the amount of recovery time, and the ability to stand up straight.  I’m a Pilates teacher by profession so worked really hard to get strong before the surgery, build up my resiliance, strengthen the abs before they were cut and give the veins a push which my surgeon said would maybe make it bigger ???,   I had minor complication with fat necrosis on the abdominal wound, which meant going back in after a week, and getting it fixed, and I lost my naval as it wouldn’t heal, I’m not sure if this made my recovery longer or not but I really needed a full 3 months off work.  Sadly my vien wasn’t great in the end and my surgeon took a slice of rectus abdominus to keep it safe and put a hernia mesh in, in advance, as she new what I did for a living.  I still dont have any sensation in the front of my abdomen from below the ribs to the pubic bone, my muscles pull every time I do a sit up, ( but still do them),   I had my naval fixed at a later date which is okay, and my nipple recon just finished ( first failed).   


Now I know I might be frightening all you ladies getting ready to take the plunge but all in all nearly everything went wrong for me but I can say I’ve put it all behind me, I took help when things got me down, the clinical physiologist and the plastics team helped me through and I look at myself now, and I actually like what I see for the first time in years, its great, I’m back to running swimming diving , I know I’m not as strong but I think I will improve, and I just keep at it.  Even with all I know I would encourage you to go for it, the results have given me my confidence back.  Good luck to you all.