DIEP in Wiltshire area ?

Hi, has anyone had a diep in the Wiltshire area (or North Somerset) ? I was dx last September. I had 8 cycles of chemo, then mastectomy and lymph node clearance in April. I had 20 rads which finished in July. I am now considering recon surgry and am really scared at the prospect. The scar on the tummy is the main drawback for me and wondered if anyone has any advice.

Hey Cora,

Had my recon at Salisbury District Hospital. They were fab! Its a tough road but the results are worth it. The scar across my tummy goes from hip to hip but my reconstructed breast is very much like my natural one minus the nipple. I have now had the nipple reconstructed too and am very pleased with the result! It will never be like your original breast but to have a cleavage again is fabulous.

Good luck!
S x

Thanks for this ling1. Did you have a tram or diep ? How long ago did you have your op ? It was really good to hear from you and that you are so pleased with the results of your recon.

cora x

Hi Cora

I too had my DIEP at Salisbury under the care of Mr Tiernan, in my eyes he is a god!!! I am so pleased with the results and have to say it was much easier than I had anticipated. Although a long op - worth every minute, the recovery was slow but not painful. I have just had the other side lifted/reduced to get a perfect match. Mr Tiernan said at my first consultation that he could give me back the shape I had before and thats exactly what he did. I have not looked back since the op and feel I have my femininity back (minus the nipple)!!! just waiting for tattoo now. I am from East Somerset but as you probably know you can be referred to anywhere you want.


Hi Clare

I have been having my treatments in Somerset as this was the nearest hospital to me. How long ago did you have your DIEP ? Do you know what success rate Mr Tiernan has ? How has your tummy scar healed ?

Thanks for replying to me Clare. I would be really interested to hear back from you.


Hi Cora

I had a DIEP reconstruction in March and am thrilled with the results (the op was at Haslar Hospital - Hampshire). Simon Heppell was the surgeon and like Clare’s view of Mr Tiernan, I can’t speak highly enough of him.

My tummy scar is very low down (it incorporates the small caesarian scar I already had), though it does go from hip to hip. However, this year on holiday I was able to wear a bikini which is something I haven’t done since I’ve had children (and they’re now 21 and 22!!) - I now have a lovely flat tummy and slightly smaller and more pert boobs (my other breast was reduced at the time the other was reconstructed).

With a DIEP, they also have to make a new tummy button and mine has ended up heart-shaped which is very sweet. Had a nipple reconstruction and tattoo recently, so feel more balanced and symmetrical again.

Good luck Cora!

Lizzie x

Hi Lizzie

I know Haslar Hospital as I lived in Portsmouth for 20 years and my first 2 babies were born in Pompey. My mum had an op in Haslar and I can remember catching the ferry over to the hospital. My mum and dad still live in Pompey now so we are regular visitors. How long did you have to wait for the nipple recon and tattoo after your DIEP ?

Hi Clare

Thanks for the info on Mr Tiernan. I have had all my treatments (chemo,mastectomy and rads) in Bath as it is the nearest hospital to me. My Consultant has been brilliant but unfortunately he doesn’t do DIEP so I am in the information gathering stage. As I had rads this will hold any recon surgery up for a while but I am using this time to do research. You did very well to go to see Take That only a week after coming home from surgery !!! Is your scar still healing ? Do you get any discomfort from it at all ?

It has been good to hear from you both. x

Hi Cora

I had the new nipple made at the beginning of June (and they also trimmed the little ‘dog-ears’ at each end of my abdominal scar at the same time) - so 3 months after the reconstruction. The tattoo was done at the end of July and this has been fine (I caught the ferry over to Gosport from Pompey and walked to the hospital when I had this done!!)

My tummy scar has healed really well, by the way (I can recommend rubbing oil in every morning) and it’s now very flat - particularly since the departure of the dog ears!

Good luck and let me know what you decide. I can only agree with Clare that it was the best decision I could have made and I feel fabulous - also get lots of comments from everyone else about how good things look .

Lizzie xx