DIEP on Wednesday


I’m going in to Salisbury for mastectomy and recon with DIEP flap tomorrow, op Wednesday. I’m feeling very scared this morning and wondering if I’ve made the right decision. Can anyone offer any advice or comments. Anything would be useful as I’m felling very wobbly!


Hi Maggie,
I am on the waiting list for a DIEP and it’s been cancelled twice but the point I want to make is that each time (until the op gets cancelled) I get more and more nervous and begin to question why I am putting myself through this.

I just want to say “hang on in there” and keep hold of why you want to have it done. I really emphasise with being wobbly as I think it sums up the situation very well. Have faith in the surgical team and know that the nurses and everyone will support and look after you if this is something you do want to go ahead with.

Take care and I will be thinking of you this week. Do what’s best for you but remember, you’re only human to feel nervous!

Sending you a hug of support from BethXXX

Hi Maggie,

Just thought I’d let you know about a woman who was in the bed next to me when I had my bilateral recon using the back skin and muscle. The woman also had the Diep recon on her right side, she was in theatre for 9 hours because they had to completely detach the flap from her stomach then re-attach it at the breast site and using microsurgery had all the blood vessels reconnected. We were all expecting her to be out of it for the rest of the evening when she came back, how wrong we were. They wheeled her in our ward she was sat bolt up right. laughing and joking fully aware of what was going on, she was an absolute inspiration, but the amazing thing is she is 70 years old, she had a wicked sense of humour and just wanted to get out of bed asap and she did the very next day.

It’s natural to feel nervous, all said and done it is a big operation, I’m over the moon with my recon, my confidence is back I feel I can now start to look forward.

I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday, sending you big hugs and wishing you all the best

Let us know how you get on when you feel up to it

Take care

Hi Karen, i had a back flap recon straight after the mastectomy and that took 9 hours, but i did only have one surgeon working on me, and was only the second person at the hospital i went to to have this sort of operation, i love the results though, but i did have some skin die but they cut that off and stitched it back onto the back skin, so its still early days, but i’m so happy with it

Alison xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Maggie

I had the same op in April and it was fine. I can truthfully say I never had any real pain throughout - discomfort yes OK, and I felt a bit sick (wasn’t though) for a couple of days after the op - probably the antibiotics, not the anaesthetic. The worst bit was having to lie on my back for nearly two days at first. So boring and my back protested! But I was up in a chair on day 3, and tottering to the loo on my own after that. The nurse who washed mmy hair for me on day 4 will get her reward in heaven I hope. Don’t be upset if they ask you to take off your wedding ring for the op - it’s just in case your fingers swell up a bit.

In 6 days I was out of there and I’ve never looked back. Although I have been very grateful indeed for all the information on this forum and the USA one. So many times I’ve discovered that something I’ve been experiencing is common and nothing to worry about.It’s very reassuring.

Yes it’s a long op but you don’t know that - you’re unconscious! My surgeons said that being under anaesthetic for 8 hours actually carries virtually no more risk than being under for 4 hours. I was feeling quite perky enough in the recovery room to have an argument (well not an argument - a bit of a discussion) about some blood they wanted to give me.

Do the exercises they give you religiously - they really help. Make sure you’ve got some suitable bras and some light support pants for later on. And people will be perpetually diving down your front, so make sure you’ve got nightwear that makes that easy.

All the best luck in the world, will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

Hi Maggie
Good luck for Wednesday. I had a mastectomy and immediate DIEP last July and although it is a big op it really wasn’t that bad. I am just so glad I did it as it was a lot to take in - dx then had to make a quick decision on what to do - but it was the best choice for me and I hope you will be as happy with the results.
Take care

Hi Maggie

I’m down also for a DIEP at Salisbury - hopefully in Oct/Nov , I cant wait to have a boob (albeit reconstructed one) back, I had my mastectomy last Sept followed by chemo, tamoxifen and all the other bits and pieces they throw our way. I’m sure you will be fine, after reading about the 70 year old who was sat up on her way back from theatre thats got to be inspirational. I wish I could have had an immediate recon, during the last year its been very trying at times without a boob, I know I should just be grateful that I am alive and now well but I still yearn to have two boobs instead of just the one!!! I wish you well on Wednesday, just think this time next week you probably be home sat in the sun with a magazine and a cup of tea recouperating.
Let us know how you get on.

Is Mr Teirnan your Surgeon?

Take Care Maggie


To Beth, Karen, Jane, Beverly and Clare

Thank you all for your replies and your best wishes. I have been hugely encouraged by what you’ve said and will let you know how I get on. To Clare - my surgeon is a Miss Oesterich, who is quite new to Salisbury - but I have heard excellent reports about Mr Teirnan, he’s supposed to be really lovely. I’m scared, but your comments have made be braver!

Love to you all



Just to add to all the other good wishes for the op tomorrow. By the time you read this it will probably all be over…

Im probably going to be doing the same in Oct time so will look forward to hearing how you are.

Love and thoughts


Hope it all goes well Maggie. I am going in on Saturday for mine, but my surgeon is using another 1 who does the tummy area and he does the breast reconstruction, speeds the op up to 5½ hours ish. I was just beginning to get nervous of what was to come and am much encouraged by the thought of being up and moving fairly quickly!