DIEP procedure

Hi! I’m due a DIEP flap procedure in late Sept. Had a mastectomy in 2007 with a becker implant. Not the best option, but was none the wiser at that time. Any positive feedback on DIEP would be welcome.


Hi Sands,

I had my DIEP on 1st July, so am about 7 weeks post op. I am delighted with the results and would go through it again if necessary.

I will be quite honest and tell you that when I came round after the op, I did wonder what the hell I had done as you are kept practically immobile and very warm for about 24 hours which wasn’t very comfortable! BUT, after a day or two I felt wonderful and am so glad I had it done. You are monitored every hour for the first 24 to make sure the blood supply to your new breast is working correctly, and you do receive almost round the clock care whilst in hospital. I came out of hospital on day 7 and have been ok ever since, the only problem I have had was an allergic reaction to E45 lotion which I was advised to rub into the op sites on my breast and - now lovely, flat - stomach, but it is healing up with the help of antibiotics.

Good luck with your op, you will get lots of good advice from the ladies on the BCC forums who have been through DIEP and other reconstructive surgery.

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Hi Sands

I had my DIEP in April and am so very pleased with the result, still can’t really get over it. Had mastectomy like you in 2007 and was very anxious about more surgery but it was so worth every minute. Any questions fire away.


Hi gillyyoung

I know I’ve already put my two penniesworth in, but just had to reply to you. Its a really big decision, a major operation and you must be sure its right for you. I wasn’t until I spoke to women who had been operated on by my surgeon and they showed me their battle scars that I knew I really wanted it.

Can only say again how over the moon I am with the results. My hubby said that from the minute I came round and looked down at two boobs instead of that scar,and all that went with it and the smile that went from ear to ear was just brilliant.

I did start my blog DIEP April EEK, or something like that at the same stage as you, and since then many others have added their experience of diep and it might help you to get an idea of recovery if you have the time to wade through it all.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I took over a year making my mind up and now wish I’d done it sooner, I could have had less days putting up with that damn prothesis which seemed to have a life of its own. (It ended up under the back wheels of my car!)

Anne x

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I do hate having to put my boob in on a morning and as I have lost some weight it is actually bigger than my real one now which makes me more self conscious.

I did read most of your thread as it had some great points of view and hints/tips. I think one of the best I have read was that it was like pregnancy, you want the end result but have to go through the pain first. However, you forget about the pain and get a something great at the end of it!

How was your stomach? Did you lose a lot from there? I am an E cup and the surgeon reckons I should have a flat stomach after, a new experience for me!

And the pain… I was told I would wake up with a central line, 3 drains, an epidural and a catheter, sounds absolutely horrendous!


just a few questions … i am due to have a diep at end of october after having implants that have a capsulator…

what was the recovery time? I have a 2 year old son and am having time off work again! was diagnosed when he was 3 months whilst on maternity… its been a long 18 months. back at work to have op and then all over again …

Did they get both breast sizes to match ? as i have one breast that will have an implant in … i am affraid if i lose weight in the future that breast that is skin from tummy could get smaller than the one with the implant, then i will be in same situation lop’sided boobs … ;O(

Hi Gillyyoung - when are yu due to go in ?


I am due op on 23rd sept. Not sure about the implant side of things but I wanted to lose weight and the surgeon told me to do it before my op as my ‘tummy’ boob would lose weight about twice the rate approximately as my real one as it obviously has more fat cells in it. My PS said half a stone either way after the op wouldn’t be too noticeable but big weight loss would be. Its worth asking your surgeon x

Hi all.

My stomach was pretty flabby and they made a C cup out of it. You do have quite a long scar and my surgeon insisted on a girdle type thing that had to be worn for about two weeks to hold everything. It was a nuisance at first but actually felt quite uncomfortable without it. It is so flat, everyone is envious, I have never had a flat tummy - not since I was about 10!

To be honest the pain is not bad, I don’t think as bad as the mastectomy. I had a line in the hand for drugs, fluids and three drains, a catheter (which I had never had and was very scared about, and it was ok) and no epidural. All of these were gone by day 3.
I had stronger painkillers at night more to help me sleep, but after day 3 coped with para and ibro only.

The worst bit is the heat and letting yourself be looked after by others (washing, eating etc). But its only two days, you know its going to happen so just go with the flow. You’ll be fine.

Regarding recovery time, with a 2 yr old, lifting will be your problem. I was feeling almost ok by week 3 when I had the follow up consult and after that he said I could drive and that made a huge difference. I do believe that the more gentle exercise you take (I do mean gentle, small walks etc) the quicker the recovery.

I am now lopsided a little and am seeing my PS next week to discuss next stage. I understand he will reduce my other one and make it face north again!! - all good fun.

I hope this has helped - anything more just ask.
Anne x

hi - thank you for your comments and advise … to be honest i have quiet a flabby tum toooo i was diagnosed when my son was 3 months and losing weight was the last thing on my mind after surg & chemo not that its easy keeping it down with steriods… might have to try and lose some weight before i have the op ha ha ha … not sure if you would see the same, but it just seems to be for every silver linning comes double the negative, really wanted this to be the end of it. now feel losing weight going forward could create more probs.

Good Luck with your surg Gillyyoung on 23rd sept, my thoughts are with you ;O)…

Take Care to all x