Diep,uplift and nipple reconstruction

Hi is there anyone who has had the full works. I’m due to have diep end of June (still waiting for an exact date for operation) at the Leicester Royal infirmary with uplift on other breast and nipple recon later. My question is how long did it take to get it all done and how much time did you need to recover from each procedure.I had a mastectomy, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy which finished nearly a year ago and I’m getting impatient as all this uncertainty is getting in the way of my plans for the future.

Many Thanks

I had a diep at the end of May and the lift and nipple reconstruction at the end of September. I was told you have to wait 3 months between ops.Tattooing was in December. The first op wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. I had 6 weeks of work but thn 6 weeks holiday as I’m a teacher. I think I was only sore for a few weeks, can’t remember to be sure. I had the lift and nipple done under local anaesthetic and can honestly say I felt fine immediately. I was advised to take a week off work simply to make sure I didn’t knock it! I guess a general anaesthetic would be different.
Good luck. I am delighted with mine and it was much easier than I anticipated.

Hi Kelley,
Thanks for your experiences.It is great that you are pleased with the results.Hope you are enjoying half term.


Hi Chamomile

It’s a while since I had my Diep - Oct 07, but I do remember I needed the 6 weeks and more to recover fully. It depends on what you do for work but realistically you may need up to 3 months off. I started driving after 6 weeks but was very tired most of the time. It is a huge op and you really need to give yourself enough time to heal. I took a bit longer to heal in the tummy area - I think this might have been because I’m slim so the surgeon took as much fat and tissue as possible. I was extremely tight afterwards. This Easter I had a scar revision. It was my choice to wait that long (18 months). I was fed up with hospitals and having people poke me about. I am really pleased with the results and haven’t decided whether to have a nipple or not - maybe another 18 months!

Anyway hope you get a date soon and good luck.


Hi Fantan,

It is lovely to hear that you are pleased with your reconstruction. I am getting quite excited about having a new boob. I will be starting a university course next week but it is only 2 days a month with lots of reading to do and will hopefully be starting a new job in October. It is encouraging that you were driving after 6 weeks. I will take it easy after the operation,I’m going to have a cleaner for a couple of hours a week so hubby does not have to do it all. Still no date for operation.

Many thanks