Diep- what to pack?

Hi having diep and masectomy in a few weeks- trying to get organised for hospital. What should i bring??



I posted this back in Sept so might be helpful 


29-09-2016 09:38 AM

Hi all, I had my MX 4 weeks ago today and I read everthing I could about what to take to hospital, my top 3 tips are 1) Buy two of these pillows take one with you, still using mine now so much comfort and support www.facebook.com/Jensfriendsmastectomypillow/, 2) If you are likely to have drains get one of these and afterwards so useful for carrying things upstairs at night draindollies.co.uk/, 3) organise a Go To bag all you need is a medium makeup or toiletry bag put money,phone,ipod,friut sweets,lipbalm,drain dolly bag and any other comfort item you want, then when you are on the ward you will have all you first need to hand in one place, hope this helps. Hugs Mary xx



Hi Sinead, echo what Mary said. However, John Lewis do a v shaped pillow which I use to prop me up in bed at home. Argos have them on sale, too. I ‘bor rowed’ my granddaughters heart shaped Disney cushion on my chest for the journey home. Protected against seat belt. I already had a small linen bag with long handles and put my drain in that. Need hands free struggling with knickers! Did put all personal belongings in, as Mary said, and at home hung the whole lot on a chair so the drain wasn’t constantly pulling.

Lip balm and wet wipes ( fragrance free) are in my top ten takes. Pyjamas and shirt with buttons for ease. Pull on trousers and slip on shoes go into the top ten also.

Best Wishes for your op. X

Thank you both for your replies. Would not have thoight about pillow so glad i asked. Hope you are both well x

I found a water bottle with a sports cap useful.  That way I could keep it next to me in bed and drink when I was thirsty.  They tended to bring a heavy jug in and put it on a table out of my reach otherwise so I couldn’t drink if there was noone there to help me.

Thank you leeanne and tracey…really appreciate everyones advice. How are you both coping after diep. Im in hosp next thurs for mine- cant wait to get it over with but anxious abput it all xx