Diet Advice

Hi All, Recently diagnosed with stage 3 BC. Just before I was referred to the breast clinic I started a VLCD having 600 cals per day via liquid and bars. I am aboiut 6 stone overweight and need to loose weight, especially as I am looking at an OP and Chemo. The diet gives me all the RDA’s and I have extra fibre. I feel fit and healthy and have lost just over a stone so far.Has any body tried to lose weight whilst having Chemo? etc. Any advice? Thank you 

Hi Cazzy,
I think you should discuss your ideas re diet with both your GP and oncologist.
While your commitment to loosing weight is commendable, your body also needs good nutrients (much more important than usual) to recover from the op, fight the bc cells, plus grow more healthy cells when having chemo and/or radio (since the treatments damage both bc and normal cells, the normal cells repairing faster).As such a weight lose diet, particularly of only 600 cal a day may potentially impair your bodies ability to recover as well, compared to if you were on a normal healthy diet.
I think quite a few women inadvertently lose weight during chemo since it makes some women feel sick at stages. You need nutirients so you can try to keep your body fit and as active as possible through treatment.
Hence please speak to your GP and oncologist.
600cal a day while being treated for bc sounds unwise to me. I don’t mean to be a diet-party-pooper!
Seabreeze x

Cazzy, I’ve lost 3 stone since Christmas. I think some of it may be down to the stress of all this, but I researched diet and cancer. I don’t eat anything the cancer may like, but everything I do eat feeds my body and supports the immune system to help it fight this thing. Losing the fat is important, because it produces estrogen which feeds estrogen positive breast cancers, but the most important thing is that we eat well (ie proper, good, nutritional food) to keep us well and strong to deal with all the ops and treatment and mental challenges we are facing. The weight loss wasn’t the main aim of the change in my eating habits, it has literally happened as a side effect/benefit of eating really well! In addition, this has given me a sense of bit of control when everything else seems to be out of my control. Xxx

I have been shopping today and bought lots of fresh foods and veg, mainly fish and chicken. So will try to keep to a low carb diet. Thank you both