Diet during and after treatment??? Dairy free??

3wk to go until I start treatment for bc.  I have been reading up on diet and the effects on breast cancer.  There has been some research by a Professor Jane Plant on a dairy free diet and how it can help prevent the return of cancer.  She too has lived through bc.  Anybody any advice, opinions or knowledge regarding best diet to follow??  All research backs up the need for a diet low in saturated fat which is good advice for everyone but other than that the research seems inconclusive.





Hi I read somewhere (sorry not sure where) that not eating dairy is more relevant to the US because of the higher amounts of hormones that are fed to the dairy herds to raise milk production there.  Not sure how accurate this is though.   I am sticking to a reasonably low fat diet post surgery and treatment but still eat some half fat butter and a very small amount of cheese so I get enough calcium.  


Jane Plant is very controversial unfortunately, and she did also have conventional treatment. When I was diagnosed 3 years ago I bought every book going on diet and cancer but when I went on the BCC Younger Women’s weekend we were told on that by one of the speakers (sorry, can’t remember who) that there was no evidence whatsoever to show that dairy contributes to BC, despite there being thousands of studies into it, however, she did say that there were some highly credible studies which showed that dairy was indeed beneficial in helping to prevent BC and not he other way round. Catokitty is correct in that our dairy cows aren’t given any hormones, unlike in the States. I take all of these diet claims with a pinch of salt, I’ve known life long vegans with a very healthy plant based diet who have had cancer and not survived and I don’t like the idea of somebody trying to “blame” me for having cancer due to my diet, cancer is indiscriminate. My own personal opinion is that a healthy balanced diet is the best way forward. Wishing you well with your treatment, take care CC x