Diet may reduce Recurrence In ER+ Lacking Hot Flashes

Apparently, some women who take tamoxifen don’t get enough of a dose because of the way their body interacts with the drug, but this group had a 31% reduction in recurrence if they ate a diet high in fruit and whole grains, with lower fat.

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Breast Cancer Recurrence In Women Without Hot Flashes May Be Reduced By Diet

My BC nurse told me that women who are vegetarian experience fewer side effects whent aking tamoxifen and during treatment generally. I’ve been vegetarian for 26 yearsand have n’t had problems with tamoxifen. My acupuncturist also said that avoiding certain foods e.g those with a high sugar cintent, red meat, alcohol, etc helps to reduce menopausal effects. I’ve not had the menopausal effects reported by a lot of women, including the weight gain so there seems to be something in it. I don’t eat “crap” so that must have a part to play. I’m 50 next year , still a size 8 and generally feeling better as time goes on, despite having another 3 years on tamoxifen.

Possibly the reason women that are vegie dont have so many hot flushes etc are because their diet contain alot of phytoeostrogens which can ease menopause symptons. But not good if you are er or pr positive as we are usually advised not to have these in abundance.

I have been vegetarian for 25 years and I have copious menopausal symptoms on Arimidex.
I think it is just the way some people are “built”. Some women never have painful periods or get morning sickness - some do.

What they are actually saying in the study Christine cited is that symptoms are a welcome indication that the drug is doing what it should.
The diet they are recommending is also not just a standard veggy diet - it is incredibly high in vegetable fibre (not just 5 a day, more like 10 a day) and extremely low in fat.

Hi I’m on tamoxifen and was a little concerned that I’m not having hot flushes, but my bc nurse said it doesnt mean the tamoxifen is less effective and be thankful i’m not getting hot flushes! I had a hormone test which said I was postmenopause but onc still wanted me on tamoxifen for 2yrs then poss change. Do you think I should be concerned at lack of flushes?
Thanks for any info!

i was told by my oncologist that the evidence between hot flushes and efficacy of tamoxifen isn’t clear. but there are some preliminary indications that those who have hot flushes are metabolising tamoxifen better and that makes it more effective. i was not having any symptoms and asked for blood tests to be done to see if i was post menopausal. the tests showed that i had very low levels of oestrogen and therefore could be classified as post-menopausal and put on femara. so i am now taking femara and not having many side effects from that either! by the way though there is no research (as far as i am aware) suggesting a relationship between side effects and efficiacy in relation to aromatase inhibitors.
is that helpful?

When I grumbled at my onc about Arimidex SEs he said “Good. It’s a sign it’s working.”

Thanks for that information Jo.The possibility that tamoxifen isn’t being as effective as it should be does concern me, but how do we actually know that for sure? Think it needs to be top of my questions list for next time I see my onc!