I am nearing the end of breast cancer treatment and having daily radiotherapy treatments, which are going well, I am in third week another three to go. I have put on a stone over the last nine months, which I was told of due to chemo drugs etc.

I met with the senior dietitian/nutritionist at the hospital, as I wanted to some advice on what foods I should avoid which could perhaps possibly increase the cancer. My diet before the cancer was pretty good, I exercised 5 days a week drank occasionally, ate fruit and veg. daily, and only ate chicken and fish. My appetite is more or less back to normal and I am eating quite well. The dietitian asked me what I was going to eat that evening and said I was going to have some Quinoa with Aduki beans and some chicken. I was surprised as a dietitian/nutritionist that that she didn’t know what Quinoa and Aduki beans where and I told her they where easily available at all major supermarkets. She suggested I eat a low fat diet and to make sure my plate was full of colour, umm…I thought a box of Smarties perhaps they are colourful.

I would be grateful if anyway can recommend any reading books or material on eating well after cancer.

Thank you
Danger mouse

Hi Dangermouse,

I started to read Your Body in Your Hands by Jane Plant and terrified myself ! I couldn’t finish it as I dont think I’d eat anything again. I have changed to soya milk however and cut down on dairy.

Malan x

There is a book written by Clare Shaw, a consultant dietician at RMH, it is called ‘Cancer: The Power of Food’. You may find this useful.

Personally I would prefer the smarties.

Hi Dangermouse,

You might find of interest BCC’s publication on diet and breast cancer. You can either order a copy or download one on line, the link is as follows:

Hope this is of some help. Kind regards

Katie, Moderator
Breast Cancer Care

Have a look at this site for information about nutrition and cancer:

I have found that most nutritionists are restricted in their knowledge. They have to have a personal interest in the specific problems for cancer sufferers, otherwise it tends to be the usual platitudes.

Hi Danger Mouse,

It is a sad fact that there are people that do not have an enquiring mind, and who do not read enough once they are qualified. However, now that your nutritionist has learned from you about Quinoa and Aduki beans she might even try them.

Seven years ago I had tests for suspected bowel cancer but, thankfully, that was not the problem. I am, in fact, sensitive to dairy products. I used to be a vegetarian and consumed a lot of cheese. The nutritionist recommended that I should start eating fish for protein. When I said that I did not want to eat anything that has to be killed, she said “well, then, eat tinned fish”.

That still makes me smile.


hi there,
I started out doing a fairly extreme diet when i was first diagnosed (lots of veg, green tea, cut out sweets, cut out dairy etc but ended up with constant trips to the loo! So have decided to eat a normal diet till after the chemo is done but here are a couple of books that i’ll be looking at re diet late on :Foods to fight cancer by R Beliveau and Breast cancer prevention and recovery diet (both can be found on Amazon). Not sure if they are any good (how can one ever really tell? i would also welcome any advice from anyone who has looked into diet