Different doctor at every appointment

Does everyone see the same doctor when they go to oncolgy appointments or does anyone else have to see someone different every visit?

In the last year and the many appointments I have had with oncology I have seen a different doctor every time. It seems that my hospitals system is that when you arrive for an appointment your notes get put in a box and which ever doctor is free takes the next set of notes. Most of the time this hasn’t been a problem, but sometimes it would be good to have some continuity.


Yes Caroline I had the same problem. I am under a certain consultant but have only ever said hello to him at my very first appointment. Every other time I have seen one of his many (it seems) registrars!
However the last 2 or 3 appointments it has been the same one. It is annoying though. Which part of the country are you?

I am in Bristol.

Whilst everything was going to plan it didn’t seem to be a problem, but now I have developed a problem with my heart as a result of the herceptin I have to start from scratch every time. I can ask to see the same person as previously, but when I have done that, that particular doctor hasn’t been available that day, so I have given up.

I got really frustrated at my last appointment. I had battled through the snow to get to the hospital. I got there early and hoped to get seen on time, however I was over an hour late going in for the appointment. I don’t mind normally if there are delays, as many of the cases are complex, and it could be me needing a longer than alloted appointment. However on this occasion I saw 2 different doctors taking my notes out of the box and putting them back in and taking the next set - one doctor even took my notes to his room and then brought them back out. Very frustrating!!

I had a feeling you might say Bristol. Snap! BRI by any chance?

Yes it is. Apart from this I cannot complain about my treatment, so I feel bad moaning.

Yup same. Live near Glasto but treated at Taunton.

HaHa…never seen the same person twice be they nurse doc or consultant!!

You too Val…hmmm there is something very not ok in that unit… rads people are kinder.