Different doses for rads?

Does anyone know if we all get different doses or if we all get the same? I only ask because I have been chatting to a woman I befriended (bumping into each other every day and got talking) and she is having 15 rads and no boosts while I am having 15 rads plus 8 boosts. We started on the same day and after 7 she is bright red and sore. I have no colour change or soreness whatsoever. So is she getting a higher dose in a shorter time? Do I have more tolerant skin or am I getting a weaker dose for longer?


I am using the cream they gave us and she said she is too. I am worried that mine is not working!

Hi blue,

Like you, I tolerated rads well & apart from tingling & warmth, redness & slight soreness underneath the breast did not really occur until well into the second half of 15 fractions. I think the dose is standard for 15, but obviously treatment plans vary. Interestingly, the irradiated boob can still feel warmer 5 months later.

ann x

Hi Blueash ,everyone gets the same dose over 15 sessions but some hospitals do offer lower dose over 25 sessions in certain circumstances .Everyone seems to react very differently and skin type is definitely a factor.Dont worry it’s not working some women have very mild side effects .

My treated boob is still hotter than the other a year after finishing rads!

Hi , the same thing happened to me. I made friends with a lady who had a lumpectomy the same time as me. We met on all our appointments. My lump was very small and low risk and hers was quite an aggressive one. We met last at CT Scan stage, she had 3 weeks Rads and oncologist gave me 4 weeks ( I was gutted). He said he’d give me extra dosage because of my age, yet my friend looked about the same age. My Rads reviewer said it was because I was still relatively young. My last week of rads was just blasting at where the lump had been from 3 positions. I used Aloe Vera gel and my skin has been brilliant.

I am having 15 too. I have had 13 with only 2 to go. Very little reaction - only pink skin really and slightly more tired for a short period of time each day. I asked the radiologist do the doses increase as the days go on and they said the dose is the same everyday. X