Dilemma over chemo regimen......


I had  my first onc appointment since surgery on Wednesday, turns out I am ER 100% PR 90% along with HER2+, grade 3, 26mm aggressive cancer, so he went throuh my treatment plan and my dilemma is,…


4 x EC every 3 weeks then eith have 12  weekly doses of Paclitaxel after my 4 cycles of EC or hit it hard with 4 cycles of the Docetaxel every 3 weeks, I think I might go for the 12 weekly cycles of the paclitaxel after the EC as this is what the onc suggested as there are less side effects ?


I will also have  Herceptin intravenously whilst on chemo, once chemo is complete I can swap to the herceptin injections!


My main concern is will my veins cope with the cannulas, if I go with the 12 weekly cycles in total it will be 16 hits? have been told that picc line is out of question due to infection?


Head is spinning… has anyone else had this kind of regimen and coped ok?


What about a portocath? Seems to be standard at hosp where I’m being treated. just had my second one put in for treatment of recurrence and would definitely recommend it, so much easier than fiddling about looking for veins. And it’s completely covered so no trouble infection wise.

I agree with Teej. Most Herceptin patients have a portacath fitted. It takes all the worry of getting a cannula in your veins, and you can have your blood tests done through it too. No nasty needles.


Sending hugs and best wishes


poemsgalore xx

If they haven’t spoken to you about a portacath, ask them, as soon as possible, it will make the treatment easier

Hi Ladies, thanks for your response, my onc did not recommend a hickman or port line again due to complications.


My onc said it makes sense to have the herceptin in the same cannula when having chemo then onto the injections after chemo finishes which I completely understand.


After loads of research I have decided to go for the 12 weekly Paclitaxel instead of the 4 x Docetaxel, lets just hope I get a nurse who is good at inserting cannulas!