Dilemna !!! PLEASE HELP!

hi all,
When i got diagnosed with cancer in march i organised my wedding in ten days and brought it forward from july to april,however the hen party in marbella was already sorted and paid for in july…
I sooooooooooooo want to go,I am being badgered by family saying i shouldnt go as im on chemo and just wondered all your advice…seeing as though your all in my boat too !!
Ive just had my third epi,due my 1st tax on 23rd june…hols is 10th july just for the weekend.My mother in law is realy adamant i shouldnt be going…PLEASE help this wretchid thing is affecting my life enough,obviously its not going to be the hen night id wanted,but just to chill and relax in the sun surely that cant be endangering my life that much ??? what do u think ??
Theres 8 of us,mother in law and mom included.
thanks sharon

Hi Smallstar,

I would say after your 1st tax see how you are feeling if your not to bad and feel upto it i would definatley go especially as its a weekend break, as long as you take it relatively easy and slap on plenty of the old sun cream you should be fine. If you do go have a fantastic time chilling. Let us know what you decide, and good luck with your treatment and all.

Take Care

Leslee x

Hi Sharon

You may want to consider that on aircraft they recycle the air, which means that everyone’s viruses get passed around too. The longer the flight, the more chance of catching something. That’s the main cause of people coming back from holiday & immediately coming down with some bug or other.
Perhaps you should talk it over with someone at your hospital, and work out the risks for you.
I can understand how much you’d like to get away & chill, though.
Good luck
Phili x

Hi Sharon

Can only advise you to speak to your ONC. I had a hol booked smack bang in the middle of 8 chemo, the last 4 being tax.

He said I was ok to go, but to make sure it was in the “good week” when immunity hopefully at its best, gave me supply to antibiotics just in case, no swimming in pool, but ok in sea. I must admit I was nervous, but found out where the hospital was, took my phrase book - all of which were never needed. We had a great time, recharged the batteries before starting Tax and emotionally did me the world of good.

Again I stress you ask your ONC’s opinions and fingers crossed he says Yes.

Anne x

I was always nipping over to the west of Ireland for a few days when on chemo(4xfec,4xtax) I didn’t find it a problem - infact it was something that kept me going and made me feel ‘normal’. I did get tired on the taxol, but that didn’t stop me enjoying myself… I’d go.
All the best, Josie xx

Hi Sharon,

Im on xeloda just started 2 weeks ago tomorrow which i am aware is easier chemo than tax but ive been told not to fly cos they recycle the air but told that for a special occasion it would be ok - not sure how they can determine whats special and whats not special! as when you have cancer everythin seems special! :slight_smile:

im gettin married in 3 weeks! (cant believ im sayin that!) its so soon! :slight_smile: but was told if i want to go on holiday abroad i can but have to take antibiotics with me and be careful but for a special occasion its ok! But we are goin to wales and lake district for honeymoon i think - was scotland but there seems to be a lot o swine flu up there! so not even safe stayin in great britain!

anyway good luck and i hope you manage to make the right decision - i know what mine would be!!! i hope your treatment today has gone ok :slight_smile: xx

I do hope you decide to go. It’s bad anough having BC and all the sh… treatment without giving up on your entire life!
My onc was happy for me go to Kenya for 2 weeks to stay with my son and his family when I was mid-way thro’ chemo. (wrote letters re insurance etc etc)

As it happened I was pretty grotty with cycles 3, 4, and 5 (the dreaded taxotere) but that made me even more glad that I had had the boost of seeing my family and having that boost before I had more treatment . I also flew to the Isles of Scilly and to Ireland during my treatment ( during the ‘good’ weeks)

I am probably as old as your ma- in law: so I suggest you tell her that it is YOUR life! It is really important that you don’t let BC take it over.

Hope you have a great time

Hi All,
Good news the oncologist said i can go after checking through her diary yayyyyyyyyy!
had my first tax yesterday and to ensure i dont go neutropenic and end up in hospial again,my hubby has to give me white cell boosters from today,also ive got some oral antibiotics from sunday as a precaution,think that this is to carry on until the end of my chemo,nearly half way there just 5 to go and the lumps are totaly obliterated already woooop!!!
Does anyone know of any cheap insureres ?? im only going fri to monday and dont want to pay the earth.
Thanks for all your messages
Have a good day

Hi Sharon,
i have just been to Italy for 6 nights and survived! My onc was fine about me going and I went from day 7- day 14 of 2nd FEC.I wore a mask in the plane-not very comfortable but worth it.A friend who is a chiropodist gave me a very good one, as some of them are useless.

The insurance company I used was Mia,they were very helpful.Just put it into google.

I was quite tanned before I started chemo so the BCN said I’d be ok in the sun as long as I use factor 30 so I even managed to top it up in Italy.

Go and have fun-we need to carry on as normal as much as possible.

Good luck and take care

Annie x

Hi Sharon

i got insurance through a company called ‘get my’ getmy.com/…. it was actually before my 2nd diagnosis so it would prob be more if your actually undergoing treatment but for a family of 4 for 1 year was £65… (it may help to have a letter from your onc to to say you are ok to travel as some airlines can be a bit funny.)

i got diagnosed with new primary 1 month later and chemo is gonna land midway through holiday so been advised to cancel as they dont want to delay chemo for 10day as its long.

also get the european insurance card thingy if you dont have it already it entitles you to reciprocal treatment in EU countries

hope you have loads of fun :slight_smile: