"Dimple" I need help (Please)


I recently found a “Dimple” on the bottom right hand quarter of my left breast.
It is right where the breast joins the torso. I consulted my GP and was referred to the hospital.
At the hospital I had a mammogram followed by a scan and biopsy.
I am now waiting for my results (29th October) and feeling very frightened.

Has anyone any information regarding “Dimples” or what to expect next?


hi Dyzee

I have no information for you really. The waiting around is the hardest part. You will find plenty of support on here if you want to vent your frustrations.

We will keep everything crossed that it turns out to be nothing.

Let us know how you get on

Take care for now

i can only echo Fiona … and the waiting is the hardest part. Hope that when you get the results they are good news - until then do use this site, they are a great bunch of people and a wealth of support. Whatever happens you will get support here for as long as you need it.
x x

Hi Dyzee

Your dimple is probably nothing to worry about but you are doing the right thing getting it checked out. When I had my recurrence after 20 years I noticed a kind of dimple rather than a lump, at first my GP told me it was nothing to worry about and probably connected to my previous surgery but I wasn’t happy with that and when eventually I was referred to the hospital, after ultrasound and biopsy it was proved to be bc again.

Waiting for results is hard, strangely when you know what you are dealing with its easier, in your case I hope its nothing.

Keep in touch.

Take care.


Hi Fiona and Ruth

Thank you so much for your messages of support. It is comforting to know that someone understands. The waiting is really traumatic and I seem to be on an emotional rollercoaster at present. One minute I feel really strong and positive and the next I just want to sit and cry. It all seems a bit surreal.
My OH has just left, he works abroad so I’m feelin a bit vunerable. I have not said to much to my daughter who is 19, I can’t see the point in upsetting her just yet.
Do you think I am doing the right thing?


Hi Jan,

Thank you for your message. Only time will tell. It seems like an eternity but I’m sure you are right, once I know, I will be able to focus myself.
Talking is helping. :slight_smile:
How are you?

Dyzee x.