Dimple to big and deep to be benign? Awaiting biopsy result,l

Hey guys! I’m struggling, and spiralling, and feeling very confused. 

So, Im 38 and have a very prominent breast dimple. It looks just like the example of a dimple on the Lemon (On the “Know your Lemons” campaign) but with an extra diagonal crease shooting out the side of it too. I only see it with my arms firmly by my side or with chest muscle flexed. It takes a chunk out of the contour of my breast too, because it is fairly deep. 

Anyway, the problem is, I noticed this dimple 4 weeks after having a clear mammo and ultrasound scan. So my breast consultant is not concerned and is not repeating any scans. He gave me a FNA biopsy as a precaution but he only took one sample. I’m still waiting for the result, but he was very reassuring that it will be fine. I have no lump or thickening under it.
He had a feel of the dimple, but because he had pulled the privacy curtain round, I’m worried he didn’t see the full severity of its appearance as we had no natural light. His opinion was that my skin is attached to my chest muscle and being pulled inward by the muscle?!

I guess my question is, IF the biopsy comes back clear, should I try to accept it? I’m finding it hard to believe that such an extreme looking dimple, tethered to the chest muscle can be signed off as benign so easily? 

I guess I’m a bit backwards by being worried that my biopsy might actually be benign! I just think I’d struggle to accept this, as it looks terrifying! Can dimples really be so deep, large and tethered and still be benign?

Just adding a link to the lemons!