Hi all.
I am 45, on HRT for just over two years due to a full hysterectomy (not cancer related).
I found a small lump in my breast a few months ago, went to see my GP who referred me to the local hospital.
When my appointment came I went for a mammogram, following this I seen a doctor who examined my breasts. He told me there was nothing to worry about and my mammogram would be seen by a specialist.
I couple of weeks later I received a letter telling me I was clear and it was just tissue.
This evening while drying my hair I noticed a dimple where the lump is. It is not visible when my hands are by my side, only when my arm is raised.
I intend to telephone my GP surgery first thing in the morning, but as you can imagine I am terrified!
Everything I have ever read about self examination and signs and symptoms has always said on of the signs is dimpling.
Does anyone know if a simple cyst can cause dimpling?
Thank you in advance for any replies
Soulstar x

Hi soulstar42

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.
In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00

Best wishes
June, moderator


I am sorry but I don’t know the answer to your question, but I am sure someone will be along soon who does. I just wanted to say that you will get loads of support on this site and loads of information, if you want it. Have you carried out a search in the forums? Maybe the subject has already been covered?

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. It could be anything, but I expect your GP will refer you to a breast clinic, as a precaution. Don’t be worried by that. It is best that you have it investigated. If it is nothing, you will have peace of mind. If it is something that needs treatment, well the earlier the better.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Ann xx

Hi Soulstar

other things can cause dimpling… after my surgery i got a big dimple in the opposite side of my breast and was worried they had missed a bit… however it turned out to be something called mondors disease which caused a dimple just below my nipple… it can just happen out the blue although doc thought mine was maybe associated with surgery.

im not saying this is what it is in your case but just that a dimple may not necessarily indicate something sinister. your doing the right thing seeing your GP.

best wishes

Hi again.
June, Ann and Lulu, thank you ladies for your responses they are very much appreciated.

I telephoned the doctors this morning and they have given me an emergency appointment for tomorrow morning.
Now for a little moan…
Much to my annoyance, after explaining to the receptionist more or less what I have written above, she then questioned me about how deep the dimpling is! Why these people do this I have no idea? I know they have a little knowledge about general illness, but they are not trained to determine if a woman needs to see a doctor in circumstances like this.
I had to explain to her that dimpling is one of the main signs that we are told to watch out for when self examining.

If anyone is in a similar situation as myself please don’t be put off by doctors receptionists.
Sorry moan over.

I did do a search of the forums last night (I was still awake at 3am), and found lots of information, but for me the most apparent thing was the love and support given by forum member to each other. You are a wonderful bunch!!
I also read some of the remembrance posts and found myself in tears.
I lost my best friend to secondary BC 7 years ago, Pat was age 42. I still miss her so much.

I will be signing back in tomorrow evening to let you know how I get on, but once again thank you!
Soulstar x

Kids have gone off to school, I’m all showered and ready to set off to doctors in half and hour.
I cant explain how I am feeling this morning, apart from tearful and very anxious.
It keeps going through my mind how you hear on the news mistakes have been made and people getting call backs after been given the all clear for many different cancers.

Back later
Soulstar x

Hi again.
I went to see GP and have now been referred back to the breast clinic.
She did say that it could be due to my age?

I don’t know if I should keep coming back to the forums…
All you ladies here have been diagnosed, and there’s me going on and on and I may find that I have the all clear!
Although I don’t feel any better after seeing the GP today (in fact I feel worse, but I am not going to go into that), I cant help thinking of you all here. How much courage you have, the support you give, the fears you deal with day in day out.
I suppose what I am trying to say is…I feel selfish and guilty for sharing my worries with you.
I really do feel like a whinge bag!
With the greatest respect
Soulstar x

soulstar please do come back we are here for everybody regardless of outcome…

and that bit while your waiting for tests and results is the WORST time in the world… i even felt that finding out i had cancer was not as bad as the not knowing.

once you know what your dealing with you can make plans around it and feel that you are being proactive by doing something other than being left in that limbo land of waiting… just waiting.

if you get the all clear we will all be so pleased for you but if its something more serious then we will be there to support you through it and listen to your concerns and be a shoulder to cry and help to make you smile and put some light back in your life.

love lulu xxx

I second that Lulu. This site is for people ‘affected’ by bc. The possibility of having it means you are affected by it. This is exactly the place to be and to get support whatever the outcome. We truly hope you are clear, but if not, as Lulu says, you will find that these people will get you through, whatever comes along.

I don’t think I could have managed without them. Thank you all, by the way!

Love Ann x

Hi this is my first post. I am new to all this. To cut a long story short last July I noticed dimpling on my breast only when my arm was raised. The surgeon I saw felt no lump but I had a scan and mammogram. Both were negative. I was told at the time that most dimples were nothing to worry about but he liked to keep an eye on them for a year as it could be cancer. In the November at my follow up appointment he carried out a fine needle test where some fluid is taken for sampling. This was negative. Again no lump was felt. He asked to see me a year after I noticed the dimpling and again no lump was felt but he sent me for another mammogram just to be sure I was ok. I wasn’t and had a biopsy then a lumpectomy then 2 weeks later required a mastectomy. I am 4 weeks post op so I am still very emotional. I started on Tamoxifen 2 weeks ago. As a matter of interest is sickness common? This morning I was nauseous and was sick for the first time.
So really I would like to say to soulstar is that not all dimples are sinister and now that you are in the system so to speak it won’t be long before you are seen I’m sure all will be well with you.
Wilson x

wilson welcome to BCC sorry to hear about your diagnosis but you have come to the right place for info and support.

any oral tablets can cause nausea vomitting and tummy upset… there maybe an alternate brand you could try as it may not be the tamoxifen but one of the other ingredients that is causing it or it could be something unrelated so best to speak to your doctor about it.

Dear Soulstar,

Women with palpable lumps should be referred urgently (seen within 2 weeks) by their GP to a Breast Clinic because the small number of referred women who do turn out to have breast cancer need to be treated quickly. Referral guidelines are as follows:

NICE guidelines (England & Wales) nice.org.uk/nicemedia/pdf/Improving_outcomes_breastcancer_manual.pdf
SIGN guidelines (Scotland) sign.ac.uk/pdf/sign84.pdf

At the Breast Clinic when a lump is palpable then diagnosis is carried out by Triple Assessment.

The Triple Assessment consists of three tests: clinical examination (the consultant examines the woman’s breasts), imaging (a mammogram or ultrasound is carried out) and histology (a few cells are taken from the lump by fine needle aspiration or core biopsy and are examined under a microscope by a pathologist). These three tests are the recommended way of diagnosing breast cancer in the above guidelines and together have an accuracy of 96.4%. (Mammography alone in premenopausal women can have an accuracy as low as 60 %). From your previous message it seems that you have not had a fine needle aspiration or biopsy.

Please go back and insist on having the triple assessment including a fine needle aspiration or biopsy.

Having said please don’t panic. Most lumps are benign. However, get a fine needle aspiration/biopsy done. Be firm with the medics. Also mention the dimpling. If they won’t cooperate ask them to put their decision not to do a biopsy in your medical records (and check that they have done so) and then go to your GP and get referred elsewhere.

Hope this is helpful. Again don’t panic - most lumps are not cancer!

Good luck and let us know how you get on,


Aww you are all stars!
Reading your responses has helped me to put things into perspective.
Wilson, my heart goes out to you as it does everyone on the boards. I cant begin to imagine how you are feeling after being told time and again that you are clear! Please try and stay positive and share your worries and tears. xx
I have only been here a few day, but I have read many threads. Everyone here is very supportive and between them they have a wealth of knowledge about most, if not everything you could want to know about BC.
Although it’s not a club anyone wants to join, these forums and it’s members are a godsend.
SuperSue, the information is very helpful. Thank you for going to the trouble of finding the links. xx
Lulu and Anne, thanks again ladies. I wish I could give you both a cuddle! xx

I hope you don’t mind if I go into a little more detail…
The GP I have seen on both occasions regarding both lump and dimple is not my usual GP. I can only assume it’s because my GP is male?

The first time I went to see her with a lump, she examined me and told me she didn’t think she could feel anything, but would refer me to the breast clinic to put my mind at rest.
I started to question myself…had I imagined it? Not possible as my hubby had felt it too!
When I went to the breast clinic, after a Mammogram I was seen by a doctor who examine me. He told me there was a small lump, but it was nothing to worry about, and my Mammogram looked fine but would be seen by a specialist who would send out a letter.
Now I cant remember if it was the Dr or if it was in the letter I later receive, but one or other said that it was calcified tissue and I was given the all clear.

When I seen the GP yesterday I took my husband with me for support.
I explained to her what had happened previously and that I had now noticed dimpling.
She told me to undress and sit on the couch. She looked at the breasts then palpated them. The palpation took her about 30 seconds for both breasts. She didn’t examine me while I was lay down, nor did she examine the arm pit or tail of the breast!
When she had finished she told me she could see no dimpling?
I explained that it was only visible when my arm was raised and I even put my fingers on the top of the breast to lift it (sort of pull it up), as I had noticed when I did this the dimple is even more visible.
I explained that I had lost weight and there was other small things going on that weren’t healing.
She ask if the weight loss was deliberate.
I am 5’6, usual weight 9st 7lbs. I have always been slim and never had to diet.
(I have lost approx. 7lbs or a little more since the end of July. Now I know that doesn’t sound a lot, but with me being so slim I cant really afford to loose weight)
She told me if the weight loss was due to cancer it would be very advanced and that was not the case.

She has done bloods to test my HB and for over active thyroid and referred me back to the breast clinic.

When we left her office my head was in a spin… I must be going potty…I must have imagined the dimple?
I said this to my hubby, who told me off! "No Shell, I have seen it too and when you hold your boob up you can see it even more " he said.

I really feel as though I am wasting everyone’s time (medical profession), but I remember last time when my appointment came though I was going to cancel it because the GP could not detect anything. It was only that my hubby made me go.

Maybe it’s the GP’s way of trying to reassure her patients that everything is going to be ok?

Thanks so much for giving me space to write this all down, I really needed to get it off my chest!

Lulu, I love the pink hair you look fab xx
With great respect
Soulstar x

awww thanks soulstar :o)

if it was so easy that a gp could just look at us and say yes or no that we have cancer or not when even the specialists cant say for sure until they have the results of tests like ultrasounds and biopsies…

your not wasting anybodys time and it would be better to get it checked and find its nothing than to put it off and find out its very serious later on.

health professions are just there to fix people they are there to listen to you and support you emotionally as well as physically and if having some tests and time to speak to the experts helps then that is definitely not wasting anyones time.

i think if you would have rather seen your own GP you could ask to make an appt with him specifically, maybe the lady doc was the first one to have a free appt… although some women do tend to prefer female GPs for things like this however most of the breast surgeons seem to be men.

hope you appointment comes through quickly for you hunny.


Thank you Lulu.
Hope your having a good day hun
Soulstar xx

Hi Soulstar,

I think that for peace of mind you should get a second opinion (another GP or your usual GP) and take your husband with you to the appointment for support. Ask about the dimpling and ask about why you didn’t receive the triple assessment at the breast clinic.

Best wishes,


HI Soulstar
I too have been made to think by a GP in the practice(last week, my own GP is on sabatical) i’ve imagined changes in my breast! I can physically see and feel the change and so can my husband(so did the new consultant i saw on tuesday), i’ve had benign results in July by letter 3 weeks after my appointment(i was filled with anxiety constantly just waiting!)but now i’m in the process of a second opinion(it’s a womans intuition and we’re usually not wrong!) if you feel it’s not right get that 2nd opinion and listen to your husband
Best wishes