Dippykate in hospital Sept 27th

Hi everyone

Just opened a text from Kate which she wants me to pass on. She went into hospital last night following loss of bladder control, and worse pain in liver and ribs. (but she had a MacaMillan coffee do before going into hospital…girl where do you get that energy?x)) Urgent MRI but no new spinal compression…maybe nerve damage from taxol. She’s on massive dose of steroids and says she’s manic.

We were going to meet up on Monday anyway so hope to see her somewhere and will take messages.


Jane thanks for letting us know about Kate.
Please give her my love and tell her I’m thinking of her.
Claire x

Yes, thanks for letting us know, Jane.

So let’s hear it for Kate, everyone. Very best wishes and hope you’re out and about soon.

Maureen xx

Hope I’ve read your message correctly and spinal compression has been ruled out Jane…and thanks for letting us know…All my best wishes Kate…Belinda…x.x.

Thanks for letting us know Jane and please do pass on my love to Kate when you see her. Do I take it that she delayed going into hospital because of the MacMillan Coffee do? Sounds quite possible since it is Kate we are talking about!

Hope the MRI is done quickly and she gets the results (and some answers) very soon.

Kay xx

Dear Jane please pass on my love and best wishes too Kate is one helluva special lady.Loe Valxx

Hi Kate
Sorry to hear this news, i do hope the steroids have a positive affect and you are able to get home soon.

Thinking of you and as jane said 'where do you get your strength from?

Hug and Love Rx

Yes spinal compression ruled out Belinda. Sorry my message not clear. And yes Kay I think she did delay hospital because of the MacMillan coffee do.


Hi Jane
Thanks for letting us know about Kate…bless her only Kate would delay going into hospital because she’d arranged a MacMillan coffee morning…where does she get her strength from??

Please send her my very best wishes too and I also hope she is able to return home soon.


Hi Jane

Please send my best wishes for a swift exit from hospital and return to normality for Kate. She’s one tough cookie!

Lots of love


hang in there Kate
thinking of you

Hi Jane,

please tell Kate she is in my thoughts. Hope she gets out of there soon

love Peggy

Hi Jane

I hope she can get out of there soon - please let her know we are all thinking about her…


Hi Kate,

I really hope this problem is nothing too serious and is soon under control. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy return home.

I hope you can print out our thoughts and pass them on to Kate. Thanks Jane.

Hi Jane

Hope Kate improves and is back out of hospital soon

Give her my best wishes and thoughts



I am really sooooooooo useless with words - can think them, but cant tap them in to the keyboard!!!

Keep your pecker up!!!

Am sooooooooo thinking of you and sending you great big cyber hugs ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

Love Anne xxxxxxxxx


So sorry to hear you are back in hospital, here’s hoping they sort it out quick and get you back to your family.


Hi Jane

Thanks for posting this about Kate, She gets over one hurdle only to be faced by another! Cant believe she did the coffee morning before going into hospital, she is one strong woman…

Kate - hope you get well soon and they can give you some answers as to why this happened… I’m also on Taxol… its got some nasty side effects… its caused to me retain water last week and i ended up in hospital with legs and feet so swollen - i couldnt walk. Some anti biotics and water tablets and 7 days later… i’m almost back to normal… i wonder if your symptoms are related except… the other way round?? worth mentioning do you think?? perhaps the taxol irritated your bladder or caused an infection??

I hope you get to meet up with Jane. Take care and speak soon


Hi Kate

Hope u are soon on the mend and back home with your family. Sending you lots of love and cuddles and am sure you are giving them all the run around so to speak.

Thanks for letting us know Jane.
Lots of love

Jane, Say hello to Kate and wishing her well. Hope to see her v soon.

Rach xx