Disability living Allowance

Posted on behalf of a new user who has experience of cancer but not BC. Jo, Facilitator

Hello. Just wanted to try and help a few of you with the benefit side of things. I came across the dwp site and what i found was interesting it quite clearly states at stage 1,2,3, you are awarded dla from time of diagnosies and then approrite recovery time??? sorry but what do they know they think you have surgery or chemo or rads and thats it its gone from your body and gone mentally forever?? there mad!!! but the saddest thing i read on there if your prognosies is poor i.e your dying you get awarded straight away fair one of course but i cant imagine how someone would feel knowing they are and having to tell the dwp this and get proof discusting!!! I also found that under the equailty act 2010 people who have had or still have cancer are deemed disabled we are protected by law in the work place, education. and in our home, so if we are deemed disabled because of cancer here why on earth do we have to explain ourelfs to the dwp. i find there forms an invasion of privacy for i think a cancer diagnosies is enough to cause mental problems even before treatment begins.

Hello Jo/BCC

Thankyou for your post, I’m sure those affected appreciate your looking into the DWP procedure, I do. You’re right what with filling in forms, giving in medical certificates to work and work asking or wondering whether and if you are going to return to work! I don’t think some workplaces are geared up with the knowledge of such events involving their staff. Yes the cancer issue does not just go away even when your treatment has finished or even when it’s about to start ( in my case I’m waiting and waiting for the mastectomy then, I will have to be prepared for any/if further treatment afterwards?)There is the mental and emotional effects it has on you which to the “outside world” you cannot see, unless you hold up a sign “IVE GOT CANCER!!!” I personally find it difficult to make people understand, you don’t always want to talk about what’s going on even to family or friends let alone work people. I find the Macmillan support group very helpful on how to approach certain work, financial issues which the DWP only see in “black and white paper work”

I would be interested in other peoples opinions?


I went to see a Benefits Advisor from the Citizens Advice Bureau, she visited our local Cancer Centre at the hospital. It was a complete waste of time, she said I was seeing her far too early to think about benefits as I as still on sick pay from work. Despite the fact that I will be having chemo for 6 months then mastectomy then rads then reconstruction. I only wanted to know what I would be able to apply for. She told me to return to see her when my SSP runs out! grrr she said it only takes a short time to set up Employment and Support Allowance - said I would be entitled to Working Tax Credits immediately, but nothing else at the moment. She was so negative and I got the feeling she totally didn’t understand what it’s like to have BC. All ‘they’ seem to care about is how much you can manage physically, they do everything they can to put you off applying for anything, with delaying tactics. I am sure they are employed by the government to save money! I have paid my taxes and worked for 36 years and never claimed anything! Makes me so angry this country, if I claimed political assylum I would probably get everything grrrrr!!! Better not go down that road… lol

Daysie x

I got no Incapacity Benefit or DLA when I was diagnosed in 2006. We had just started a business 6 weeks before and I’d taken a short length of time out of work to care for my elderly father as he had the onset of dementia, hence I had a 3 month gap in NI (I moved 450 miles home on account of dad).I’ve worked since 1977 and have never had anything like maternity leave. We did eventually get WTC but not until I was well into treatment and because the DWP didn’t give us any info we lost out on 8 months money. A GP at my surgery answered a letter to the DWP saying it was his opinion I wasn’t sick enough, hence being turned down for DLA. When my OH questioned the surgery about it he was told you had to have no use of your limbs (funny thing is there are always able bodied people in the waiting room who are claiming it!) What hacks me off more than anything else is the fact I was a higher rate taxpayer at one point, OH was the same. We now work up to 7 days a week in our own business and are lucky if we take 2 weeks off a year; when the business is quiet we take on agency work. So don’t get me started on the people who seem to manage to get everything!