Disappearing breast!

Hi all, hope you’re ok x
Have done 3 weeks on rads now with just one boost week to go. Thought I was doing really well but almost overnight my already small breast has shrunk quite dramatically!
I knew this could happen but wondered if this shrinkage is permanent or will it fill out again in time?
kate x

my breast changed shape a lot and 3 months post rad continues to change, it’s a little fuller these days and when I have a bra on you woldn’t know that I had lost half of it. So don’t panic it carries on changing (so I’m told) for months afterwards.

I have also had a lot more aches and pains since going back to work as well in the breast and my shoulder and arms but thats all ‘normal’ as well - apparently.

Look after yourself.

Phillippa x

Thanks Philippa
Was a little bit down about it last night to say the least, just a little bit of a shock as it seemed to happen so quickly!
After chemo I was expecting rads to be a breeze, hmmm, not so!
take care
kate x

Hi Kate- like you I have small breasts but was really pleased after rads when the affected one became firmer- a small bonus. However! 18 months on and though it is still firmer than the other one, it is also decidedly smaller. i guess there’s nothing to be done about this - it’s just another of the joys of BC!