Disappointed with my appointment outcome

To today I went to a breast care clinic, after waiting two hours without seeing anyone, I finally get called in. Doctor states he can see the lump and feel etc… I asked him if they would biopsy due to this being my 6th lump in 2 years. He replied, no sorry we don’t biopsy people under 25 and I’m 23. At this point I got extremely upset as my friend died at 23 from Brest cancer…
I was crying so much I had to walk out the room.
Next I got called through to have an ultrasound… the woman was fairly rude and after awkward silence for which sounded forever, she said “there’s nothing there”
I was so confused, a lump my partner saw from half way across the room and now this lady is telling me she can’t see it??
She told me it was normal breast tissue…

Should I ask for a mri or ct scan as I’m not convinced

Hi, I’m sorry to hear they were so dismissive of you at the clinic, unfortunately some of the medical profession still see BC as an older ladies problem and as unlikely as it is for you to be diagnosed at your age it does happen and yes unless you have come away feeling totally reassured then I would push for further tests.


I met a young lady of 25 when I was having my radiotherapy who had been consistently turned away by her GP for a year when she went with a breast lump, thankfully someone eventually took her seriously and she was subsequently diagnosed. 


You are entitled to be taken seriously and treated with respect. Xx Jo 

Thank you for your reply, the other times I felt more reassured but the lady who did the scan had been looking at my notes and she walked in no hello or anything she abruptly said “you’ve been here a few times and they’ve never found a lump” to which I said that they did last time I was here and she replied “well nothing in your notes about any actual lumps” so I feel like she had dismissed me from the start if I’m honest… after the scan just said nothing there you can go home and that was it…