Disappointment after disappointment

In August I had a lipomodelling procedure scheduled as the first stage of my reconstruction but the week before my surgeon called me to say that because of a sudden increase of 30% of breast cancer diagnosis in the area she had had to cancel my op.  Logically I understood the need for this and accepted it even though I was upset. 


She promised me that when she re-scheduled the procedure it would be definitely be done.  That day came Fri.  I was told the day before that I had to be at the hospital for 07.30 which I was.  By 08.00 I was all gowned up and by 08.30 I had seen the anaesthetist and my surgeon.  At about 09.30 my surgeon came to see me to say that she had moved the list around so that she could take time over my procedure to try and prevent causing or aggravating any of the nerve damage caused by the surgeon who did the mastectomy and lymph node clearance.  She said that I be would called down to the theatre between 12.00 and 13.00.


13.00 came and went.  By that time I was getting rather upset and would have been more so if the breast care nurse had not spent time with me.  At 16.00 the breast care nurse went to see what was happening and when she came back to me I was told that there would be no op.  That news really upset me so very much that I couldn’t talk at first.  My surgeon came to me to explain that the previous op had taken much longer than anticipated and that the anaesthetist had run out of time for scheduled ops as he was the on-call anaesthetist.  In fairness my surgeon was prepared to carry on and the powers that be did try to get another but there was no other available.


The logical side of me understood the situation and after a few tears I would normally be ok but my emotional side cannot accept the situation.  It has made me feel very low and utterly worthless.  I have no one to talk to at home and as all major things in my life I’ve had to cope alone and now feel so very alone.


I’m sorry to pour out all my feelings,  Helen

Oh Helen, I’m so sorry to hear all that. I can imagine how upsetting that would be.  Have they given you a new date for your surgery? Please keep in close contact with your breast care nurse to make sure it gets done as a priority.  You certainly are not worthless, it sounds as though your surgeon is very thorough and wants to do a good job and to hopefully make sure you’ll have less complications after.  Please let me know how you get on, when you get your next date etc.


Sending you lots of luck and love XxXxx

Dear Helen I am sorry to read that you are feeling so low, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk, they are waiting with emotional and practical support for you on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat
Take care
Lucy BCC

Dear Helen


You are not alone.  I have just read your message and want to let you know that my second op (mastoplexy) was cancelled 3 times by my surgeon.  The first time was because of more urgent cases which I understood but after 3 cancellations I was very upset.  However, I was not already gowned up and waiting in hospital, which must have been horrible for you.


It was originally scheduled for June but I am pleased to say that after making a complaint, I had the op just over a week ago.  I am sure that your op will be soon and your surgeon will do a good job.


I am also interested in how your lipomodelling will go as I am left with a lumpy right breast after my mx a year ago.  My surgeon has said I will have to wait for 2 years before he will do any thing about it.  He has also gone back on his word regarding making a nipple for me (this is my moan).  Let me know how things progress.


Hi everyone,


Just to let you all know that I had my procedure on 16 Nov 13. 


I had a call from the BCN on the Thurs saying would I like to go in the next day for my op.  Apparently someone had not been for their pre-op assessment so therefore could not have their scheduled op and it left a spare slot.  Prior to getting the call from my BCN I had spoken to the hospital’s CEO’s secretary a couple of days earlier on an informal basis.  She had been asking heads of departments to investigate what had happened that Fri so it make me wonder.  What happened that Fri brought back all the old battles I had to fight at my previous hospital.


Apart from the bruising the op wasn’t too bad and with being on my own I was glad that I was able to stay in hospital over the weekend.  I see my surgeon on Wed so she can review her handiwork and to schedule in my reconstruction.


Thank you all for all your support.  Kevin, I hope Marg’s op goes ahead as scheduled.  Warmest wishes, Helen xx