Discharge concerns

Hi everyone,

I have been to see my GP today as I have recently (over the last month) noticed discharge from my breasts, and this morning these were more blood stained. After googling these symptoms, I called my doctor and was able to get an emergency appointment. My doctor couldn’t feel any lumps nor produce discharge, however has referred me to a consultant whom I am seeing this Friday.

My worst fears have led me to this forum…I need to keep positive until I see the consultant, but cannot help thinking the worst.

If anyone has experienced this, I would really appreciate hearing about what you went through.

Thanks in advance.


i have frequent blood/disharge from one nipple.In my case im having all my milk ducts removed soon, (to stop the constant leaking).Try not to worry, i know that is easier said than done. Good luck with your appointment

I am going through the same thing right now. I had my surgery on Monday 23rd Jan. The surgery itself is nothing to worry about, I went in and got out the same day. It’s a short operation, and the pain afterwards isn’t very bad at all. I only took pain killers on the first night, and not needed any since then. And now (4 days after surgery) I even forget it was done because I feel no pain at all, unless I accidentally brush my arm against my breast.

I am still unsure whether they removed just the one leaking duct or all the ducts, so I am requesting my medical notes to find out.

My surgeon told me she found a lot of murky fluid and nothing else. There had been nothing showing on all my tests in the past months, I had mammogram and scans done, and they had also sent some of the fluid to be analysed.

So at the moment I am still waiting for results of the milk duct(s) analysis, but the surgeon was very reassuring that there is no sign of anything sinister.

The one bad thing about the surgery is that I have loss all sensation in the nipple, which I feared. And from what the surgeon told me, if it is lost, it doesn’t usually come back, which is quite upsetting.

Does anyone know if there’s any chance of sensation coming back after this type of surgery ?

But as far as the surgery itself goes, please don’t worry, it’s really not bad. :slight_smile: