Discharge from nipple

Hello All
Almost a year since WLE, seven months since finishing chemo, and 5 months since finsishing radiotherapy. Had a mammogram about two months ago as I had found another lump, turned out to be OK.
Have noticed that breast operated on is sometimes quite sore - with a stabbing pain, nothing too severe. This morning noticed a tiny bit of slightly crusty (sorry…!) discharge on nipple, which is something I have never expereinced in my life. Has anyone else had this happen. Can’t find reference to in the forums.
Thanks, and hope you’re all doing OK today.

Hi Susan,

I had a discharge towards the end of chemo. A mix of blood and other gunge. Breast was very red too. I think it was fluid from the op trying to find an exit! This went on for about a month and I spoke to hospital but they weren’t worried. It then stopped and nothing since. Keep an eye on it and maybe mention it to the doc/hospital if it persists.


Hi Susan
I have been experiencing the same thing. Diagnosed Sept last year, finished all treatment inc chemo and radiotherapy in May. My nipple has signs of dishcarge and is also quite crusty underneath. My oncologist says the breast is “active” and should be ok but to report if there’s any blood in it. My breast has also been quite swollen and sore, but an ultrascan didn’t show up anything unusual.
Horrible isn’t it how everything is a worry?!

Thanks Jill and Margaret - yes, it’s a fine line between being sensibly aware and paranoid with this carry on isn’t it…

Floozie - I would have the discharge checked out by your bc nurse first of all - she probably has years of experience and can get you in to see your surgeon quicker than your GP. I don’t wish to scare you, but last week my oldest friend of some 40 yrs rang to say her sister has just been diagnosed with bc in her remaining breast. Her original tumour, dx 12 yrs ago, was behind the nipple, it was oozing a smelly pus,and she had a mastectomy and recon. She is experiencing the same problem with her left breast and is to have a mastectomy next week. She is being treated privately at the Royal Marsden, so I would assume her surgeon knows what he is doing.

Your discharge could be something quite innocuous and simple, like a skin infection or ezcema, but for peace of mind, I would really have a bc nurse or surgeon take a look,

Take care.


Funny you should ask that as I have had the same problem and had it checked out this monring. Apparently it is just dead skin from the radiotherapy which can cause a build up of fluid, hence the discharge. I finished 3 months ago and my breast care nurse says it will take a good while longer for things to settle. I have the same stabbing pains and on/off mild swelling and she recommended ibuprofen gel. I got some on the way home and it does seem to help.

It wouldn’t do any harm to have yourself checked out but your symptoms sound so similar to mine that I’m sure it’s nothing serious.

Lola x