Hi I’m new too this site and have been searching through all the post to try and see someone worry a similar thing .
Around 6 weeks a go I noticed what I thought was blood in my bra , just a few spots . I googled it and became frightened so when to my gp . They refereed me to breast clinic a week later . I saw a consultant who couldn’t find any lumps and face me an ultra sound . They said there was nothing in the scan and he couldn’t feel anything wrong . He told me he wanted to monitor this over 4 months , I got a letter asking me to go back in July . So I forgot all about it . Now 4 weeks later I get a letter saying my appointment has been changed to next week . I’m obviously worried now . The letter says due to unforciene circumstances that the appointment has changed . Has anyone had this happen ? They tuck a sample of the discharge but I thought they would of found anything in that i would of herd sooner as to go back 5 weeks later seems a but long if there is a problem . I called my gp and they don’t seem to help . I’m just wanting to now if anyone waited a similar time
scale . I have no idea what to expect

Hi clarekin

I’m sorry to read you’re having a worrying time at the moment.  Whilst you wait for the other user to reply with experience and knowledge do give the BCC helpline a callon 0808 800 6000.  Here you can share your concerns with a memeber of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  Lines are open today from 10 to 2pm and weekdays 9 to 5pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

I have not had experience of discharge but know a bit about BC now. It may be that it has taken a while to get pathology on your sample and now they want you bAck to talk about what they have found. I do know that early detection is best and that a few weeks between apts is not unusual. It’s very hard not to worry so I won’t tell you to do that but get some information from this site and Macmillan site as I felt that it made it less scary to deal with. Call the helpline on here as well, they are great. Keep using this site after the apt if you need to as it is a great forum for support and info. Good luck next week xxx

Hi thanks for your reply just not sure what it’s about , if they found so thing in the discharge would they not of said in the letter instead of saying becouse of unforciene cercemstances x

Thank you for your reply , I’m going this afternoon so fingers crossed it’s all ok x

I have to and have milk ducts cut and area behind nipple removed ! Quiet nervouses and don’t really know what to expect after the opp . Does anyone know what the recovery is like ? If you are in pain or how long before you can work or drive

Hi clarekin, I know how you feel, I went back to breast clinic today, as I had discharge for about 5-6 months now, it’s been blood stain sometines, been told I need same thing it’s called Hadfield procedure. they will send the ducts for pathology to be sure. let me know how you go x

Hi it’s not a lumpectomy . He did rite down the name but I can’t understand the writing he done a diagram to show me . He just said there was blood in the discharge and procedure is to find out were it’s coming from he drew a pic of a breast and said they were removing an area behind nipple and cutting the milk ducts . That’s all I know

Thank you Shelly good luck with yours I am very nervous