Discharged from Oncologist

Hi Ladies

Been discharged from Oncologist this morning as she’s happy with rads treatment I finished 8 weeks ago. Everyone around glad for me but all I can do is cry! Where the hell has this come from? Must pull myself together - going for Zolodex injection in an hour . . . . . oh the joys.

Good Luck to us all

Hi Val

Don’t panic, just cos Onc has discharged you doesn’t mean all the support is finished. I don’t see my Onc anymore but I am back in the care of the surgical team and can contact the BCN nurse whenever, plus my GP has taken on more of my day-to-day care, when I can get an appt that is but thats another story.

Its a difficult time when the full on treatment ends, everyone around you is delighted [as you are deep down] but it goes on for so long and becomes a way of life that its hard to move on from it and get back to “normal”. Give yourself some time and cut yourself some slack, things will slowly start to fall into place for you but it doesn’t happen overnight and your family and friends need to understand that you won’t just miraculously bounce back to the old you overnight. You still have treatments to get through and will need lots of time and patience.

Sending big hugs

HI Val

I have read your post and was just wondering - do you not have to see your onc once a year for ten years? I was dx 3 years ago and I still have to go once a year even though all treatment over. DO different health authorities have different policies I wonder?

Anyway I am so pleased fo r you that all your treatment is over.

Love Alise x

Hi Val

I am sorry to hear are so down, but the feelings you are experiencing are not at all unusual. There is an excellent article which you may find helpful on the cancer counselling trust website
by Dr Peter Harvey who is a clinical psychologist dealing with cancer. He writes about the feelings experienced at the end of treatment and how to cope with them.

You can find it at cancercounselling.org.uk in the resources section.

Best wishes


When I was discharged, the oncologist said not to feel cut adrift as they are around for as long as you are in the remission period. Like AJ I can still contact the breast care nurses should I experience any difficulties and of course you can bring things up if need be at the yearly mammogram and surgical check. Once you get to the end it is very scary, but you have to accept there are new patients who need the oncology team more than you - as I responded well to all the treatment, the onc just gently told me they had to discharge me as there was nothing else they could do for me at that point.

I had some counselling and go for my last session in 2 weeks. This has greatly helped as I now no longer worry about my cancer coming back and I am focused on getting to 2011 which is the end of my remission (also my 50th birthday and my 25th wedding anniversary).

Thank you everyone for your replies - they’ve helped me start to get things back into perspective. Thanks also for the link to the Peter Harvey article - it sums everything up so well. I don’t see anyone now until Feb (Surgeon) so think I was feeling a bit panicky and cut adrift but yes, you’re right, I can speak to my BCN if I have a prob.

Also, I went back to work yesterday (phased return) after 6 months off which helped me focus on something else other than bc, but conversely with everyone asking how I was and thinking back to when I was originally dx (had gone to the breast clinic from work and then went back after the appt to tell my manager I had cancer) brought everything back into the spotlight, so it was a unexpected emotional rollercoaster yesterday, but another hurdle over. Funny how things come back to bite you on the bum when you least expect it.

Take care everyone.