Discoloured Finger Nails

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Does anyone have discoloured finger nails after chemo? I am wondering how long it takes before your nails return to its normal colour?? Thanks! Xx

Yes I got patches of discolour on my finger nails. Not sure when they went exactly but finished chemo in April and nails been back to normal for at least 4-6 weeks. However, have marks on my big toes which are taking longer to go.

Hi Ladies,
I finished chemo in January, my finger nails are def back to normal, even the four that I lost but several months later I lost a toe nail and several others were discoloured. They are taking longer to look better. I didn’t use dark nail varnish on any of my nails like some do because my nails are pretty rubbish anyway. In fact I’m not sure my fingernails are not better now than before???
Hope this helps,
Jane x

I had problems with both finger & toe nails but not until i’d had my last chemo which was last Sept.
Both big toe nails fell off & are now nearly back to full length, my finger nails were all black & ridged & they all lifted off the nail bed.
Finger nails recovered & had grown back by Feb this year.
I did take hair & nail suplements from Holland & Barrat & still do, & definately think this helped.



I had 3Fec 3Tax and didnt get discolour but noticed by the 2nd Tax that I had a wave of ridges along my nails , 4 months on these have mostly gone


thanks everyone, I finished my chemo in March but my nails are refusing to go back to normal! x

i finished my fec in Feb this year . My nails were terrible, both my feet and fingers. anyway, they are getting back to normal now. The were really rainbow striped grey/black on my fingers. And yellow on my toes.