displaced implant?

Hi, can anybody offer advice. I had my mx, LD flap recon on friday and have come home today. I first looked at my recon on sat morning and my new “breast” is higher than it should be and im left with a flap instead of a breast! I need to return to the hospital on monday to see if more surgery is needed and in the meantime I have been given a band to wear across my breast in the hope of pushing the implant down. Im not keen on the thought of more surgery but rather that than weeks of trying to push it into place! has anybody else experienced this or have any advice?


Hi, I can’t offer advice on this I’m afraid, I am rather hoping for some words of wisdom myself. I too have an implant - a permanent expander one, only mine isn’t too high up -I’m afraid mine is too far down. There is a a hard ridge, which I presume is the edge of the implant, just where the bottom band of the bra goes and is makes wearing a bra extremely difficult and painful. Because of the swelling I haven’t started the saline injections yet, the first one is due 15th April, and I am wondering (or rather hoping) that the saline might ‘lift’ the implant up a bit??? Does that happen? Like you Deed I’m not overly keen to have more surgery and I don’t really know what is ‘normal’. Does anyone else have experience of this please?

I had to wear a strap as well as the expander implant appeared to be too high.It had only about 100mls in it and the strap was to push the fluid down. I had an op to make a fold in the skin to make it more natural looking and when they opened up my mx scar to do it they found it had flipped over somehow and had to be readjusted. To cut a long story short I am not happy with the outcome. It was a lovely general surgeon who done my op not a plastic one and have now been referred to one. I really hope the p s can help me. Yes it’s a thought another op but months on when you come out of that horrible muzzy feeling you will want to look ok.

I recently had an expander implant fitted.There is a hard area at the bottom edge,which is quite uncomfortable.My surgeon told me this is the valve that they use to fill up the implant.It has got a bit less painfull as more fluid has been put in.The valve will be removed once the implant has been completely filled.Don’t know whether this could be the ridge that you can feel.

Unfortunately, the port for the saline is another hard ridge to the side below my armpit - in fact this is also affected by the bra strap going round!!! You can tell the surgeon was a man!! It is also a real pain trying to sleep as I sleep on my side and it digs in. So am a bit concerned about this second ridge. It wasn’t so noticeable when I had the seroma and swelling but now when I wear a bra if feels like I am pressing it onto the bone - very uncomfortable! Am seeing the plastic surgeon in 3 weeks so must ask. I suspect it will be something I am going to have to put up with.