Distressed - Facial Hair

Hi Everyone, Any advice please.

Pre chemo I had always been quite a hairy person with dark hair. I did have a few hairs on my chin and the lip which i used to use a cream for occassionally.

My hair has started to grow back as i have finished the Epirubicin. But very distressingly i have hair down my neck at the front all over my chin starting to spread up the sides of my face. Not sure what to do, I don.t want to encourage it to grown by shaving, have some cream but am worried it will get worse. I don’t want to go through all this just to come out the other side looking like a big fat, bald bearded man!!!

Gaynor p

Hi Gaynor,

Oh I know that feeling very well!!! I have very fine ‘downy’ fair hair on my face and I hate it!! The way I get rid of it though is to trim it right down with a pair of nail scissors, now you can hardly notice it. Like you I was not fancying shaving it, the scissors defo work, give them a try.

Take care,


Thanks again Kelly for your advice. I will give that a go for now, but is very dark and i am very self-concious. I think i will talk to gp, or bc nurse or oncologist about laser hair removal. I may have to wait until after chemo finished, but maybe if they catch it whilst it is still a bit downy and soft it may go for good. Heres hoping.



I have same problem. It was really annoying me last week, outcome was I used Nads (a natural hair wax honey)
the hair is so fine you dont need to pull on it rubbing with a cloth took it off. Sainsbury’s sell nads if this
of any help to you. best of luck— Jeanxx

Hi Gaynor,

I think it is a side effect of the chemo and shouldn’t be permanent so any normal hair removing means should be OK in the short term.