Divorce after Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed in October 2005 and have just finished all of the reconstructive surgery on my left breast. Because my cancer was Oestrogen Negative I am not on any medication.
I understand that the 5 year point after diagnosis is a milestone but as I don’t have an appointment to see my oncologist I don’t know the implications of this.
I am currently at the financial settlement stage of an amicable divorce and I am concerned re the financial pitfalls of getting a mortgage, life insurance etc.
I have made an appointment to see an Independant Financial Advisor this Saturday so maybe I will have a full awareness after that.
Any advice would be welcome.

Hi Jill,

I realise I’m probably too late (as your appt was yesterday I believe)- I’ve only just seen this post.

I used to be a Financial Advisor in my former life. lol. So here goes:

As far as getting a mortgage is concerned I can’t envisage you having a problem providing you have enough income to support the amount you wish to borrow.

Now the life assurance is a different matter entirely - and it varies from company to company as to what their policy is and how much they will load your premium (which will happen I suspect even tho’ you are 5 years down the line). All companies will insist on finding out more medical information from your doctor/oncologist/consultant. Some companies will decide they won’t cover you at all :frowning: - others will cover you but with a loaded premium I think.

I know, it’s seems unfair - after all this time - but some of them just aren’t prepared to take the risk. However, there are some out there who will.

You are doing the right thing in seeing an Independant Financial Advisor as they will shop around for you hopefully if you get a good one.

I’ve only been on this forum a short time myself (last month) so I don’t know if anyone else has had any experiences - or if indeed the moderators have some links/info that could help??

Anyway, hope you have got on ok - and that you come thro’ this difficult time smiling. Take care.