DLA....does anyone receive this?

having not been back to work since last sept… and with ongoing recurrences and more chamo i have had no proper income apparantly wasnt entitled to sick pay as had just changed jobs and didnt qualify, i have been using a critical illness cover to live off but following a meeting with a counsellor she put me in touch with a lady to advice and she is advising i try for dla and my bcn is sending a back up letter (which i dont want to read in case it scares me even though i know i am up against the ropes), now i thought dla was for really ill people who need lots of care and i am doing okay at the moment guess what i am trying to ask without prying is does anyone receive this benefit and what is your health at the moment… i really dont want to feel like a fraud any feedback will be welcome x

Hi Fairyqueen, I get DLA, full benefit,because my BC is stage 4, I am currently having chemo,other than usual SEs I am not really ill, but BCN said I am entitled so claim it.If you are not stage 4 I don’t think you can claim it under special circumstances.
Hope that helps,

Hi. I get it too!! Stg 4, ok some days and couch bound others. On advice i wrote about a bad day nd get a good amount of dla. Ive also got a blue badge for parking that helps. Ive also just applied for child tax credits. Not sure if this applies to you.

It is PANTS filling in all the paper work, looking at the worst!! But the money is worth it. I think macmillan have a financial advice line that others have said is helpful.

Sadie Xx Xx

hi everyone,

i applied but didnt get it, i put in an appeal and still didnt get it,
i should have asked for a fuller explanation other than the one i was given which was not meeting the criteria,

some days during the course of my chemo i have been housebound from day 4- almost the next tax i have been housebound, relying on friends and family, unable to function in practically every way,

just how ill do you have to be to qualify

best wishes liz xxx

Hi I’ve got grade 3 tn and grade 1 er+, and I get it. My macmillian support lady filled the forms out with me, as my brain could not function let alone fill that form out. I get it till October when my chemo and rads will be finished. I had a man from the dla phone me to talk me about how the chemo affects me, and was the awarded it. Must be honest, although I need it, and was honest answering the questions, I’ve never claimed for anything before, and felt very guilty when I was awarded it. But my macmillian lady told me I was being silly and they would not give it to me if I wasn’t entitled to it.

Oh Liz - that is so silly!! Can you contact Macmillan and get some help in applying again. You sound similar to me and I got it! It should not be a lottery! However, I have got secondaries - so maybe that is the difference. But the chemo is the thing that makes you ill - not the cancer!!

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Yes I

Not me. I’m stage 3 and can cut up my own dinner, so the man on the phone told me.

ive been sat with the macmillan volunteer at the citizens advice center today to reclaim im now in a lot of pain most days ,have severe lymphodemia in arm and chest wall also fingers ,i have a tens machine for pain relief and i think its all the meds ive been having since the end of active treatment .im on femara and if anyone who has had it knows the side effects are horrendous .daily flushes ,joint pain exhaustion .nausea etc the list is endless .im 5 yrs down the line ,have liver spots which are thankfully dormant due to chemo ,but i was told that maybe i wasnt ill enough to get it anymore ! its the treatments that are hardest to deal with not the actual cancer ,and i dont see why anyone whose worked all there life cannot get it after all we pay enough into the system during out working lives ! speak to your macmillan at the hospital and see if you can get them to fill out the forms for you .they seem to know exactly what to write down ! good luck !