DLA & Mobility & ESA

Hi Ladies,

Can you point me in the right direction in which benefits mum should be applying for?

I know everybody is different but I think there is probably some we are not aware of and I’m getting confusesd

Thanks ladies and big hugs

Jen x x x

Dear Jen

This is a summary of what you could apply for.

DLA - this isn’t means-tested and should be available to anyone with secondaries. Your mum should get a Macmillan nurse or Benefits Advisor to fill this in as it can be a bit complicated to us mere mortals. There are different rates depending on your mum’s mobility and ability to get around.

Once this DLA is in place (it’s normally pretty quick for secondaries), she can apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard: disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk
This card gives a third off rail fares for 2 people, they need proof of DLA on application.

ESA is means-tested, you should get information from your local job centre or via the telephone - 08456088573. She should get a higher rate once the DLA is in place. With this payment she can get help with mortgage/rent and council tax. Local authorities also issue bus passes as well, I think.

I’m sure others will be along to add their information - hope this sets you in the right direction, though. Best wishes to your mum.

Alison x

Hi Jen,

RE the DLA as Alison says best to get help with forms but with secondaries it could be classed as special rules in which case just a small part of the form would need filling in and a DS1500 from the GP or Mac nurse, also to qualify for DLA you have to of claimed before the age of 65 (sorry Jen not sure of your mums age) because after that it is the AA (Attendance Allowance which has no mobility just the care part, hope this has helped you a bit.

Take care

Vicky x x

Hi Ladies,

Thank you that’s very useful. How long does it normally take from when you send the forms off? I can understand why so much money is unclaimed as there is quite slit if information to complete.

My dad has finished work to look after her so I’m assuming hd us entitled to something? I’m going to do hospital trips with them when I can.

Does Mobility depend on what DLA you get or something different?

Thank you so much big hugs

Jen x x x

Hi Jen

If you get DLA at the higher level you should qualify for a motability car and a blue badge. If you contact MacMillan they have benefits advisors who will fill the forms in alongside you and advise you. The payments are from the time the form is asked for, so you might get some pay backdated too, which I found a lovely surprise (in fact the only good news I had this summer!)

Good Luck and contact MacMillan as soon as possible so you can get help asap

Thank you. I’ve got mum the DS1500 form but just wasn’t certain on Mobility parts because I had read somewhere if you don’t get mobility part you don’t qualify for Blue Badge.

Bless my mum she thinks she us not entitled to it but I’m sure she is, she worked right up until 2007 when she was first diagnosed and had full mastectomy

I would be lost without this forum thank you

Jen x x x

Hi Jen,

The Blue badge is given from your local council if you get the High rate of Mobility you will get a blue badge, but it can also be given with just a letter from your mums GP depending on your council that is, also the DLA is not means tested so anyone can claim, it is not based on what NI you have paid in or money in the bank re savings it is because you have care and/or Mobility needs, hope this helps

take care

Vicky x x

Thanks for that Vicky maybe I’ll wait and see what happens after all forms completed but at least I can try and go down the route of a letter from the GP if she dong automatically qualify!!! It’s all very confusing so many different things. Like if you low rate DLA does that mean my dad can’t get carers allowance? So many citerias to meet by sounds of it?!?

My heads baffled. Think MacMillian phone call tomorrow.

The only thing mum has at the moment is free prescriptions

Jen x x x

Hi Jen,
Glad to see things moving for your mum re Marsden.
Yes, benefits maze is nightmare! Think it would be good idea to talk to MacMillan - good luck!
Julie xx

Thank you everyone!! Just one last thing do we know roughly how long the forms take to be processed? From when they receive them?

Thank god for the Internet and google, I’ve been searching allsorts over the past couple of days!!!

Big hugs to you all


Hi Jen

DLA forms can take 12 weeks + for a decision but with DS1500 should take approx 2 weeks.

Take care

Vicky x x


Spoke with MacMillian today and they advised normally under special rules its dealt with within a few working days but allow 7 days so fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for all of your help, I still have lots of other forms to complete but everyone is so helpful thank you

Jenna x x x

I mentioned DLA to my witch of an oncologist and she said no way, it wasn’t fair as that’s only for people who have less than 12 months to live, and she wouldn’t sign my form. (she’s awful, she refused me a genetic test initially, I had to fight her all the way and surprise surprise, it was positive but anyway that’s another story). Anyone know a sneaky way round this?? I don’t want to fleece the system but I pay my taxes and there has to be some silver lining to this horrid cloud! (sorry if that makes me sound really greedy!)

franscap, that sounds shocking! i asked macmillans to fill my form in and I got benefits starting about a fortnight later. I had top rate for everything, and have my blue badge( I have bone mets)
I am hoping to be around for more than a year, and my macmillan nurse pointed out that you need the money when you have to travel to hospital, pay carparking and heating cos you’re at home a lot of the time! Your onc sounds as though she hasn’t thought it through unless she is advocating euthanasia to all those persons who are wheelchair users, get DLA and live for many many years.
Go to macmillans and they will do all the stuff for you, and not make you feel guilty in the process!
x sarah

Your onc sounds an absolute b**ch. Like Cromercrab says - can you go to your macmillan nurse - they are usually very helpful although I have heard of the odd one that must know your onc! Or if your GP is sympathetic you can ask her. I think you have lung mets? - how can your oncologist say with any certainty how long you have. The attitude my onc was to say that no one can say with any certainty so she signs the DS1500 forms for her patients. Good luck in pursuing this - I certainly wouldn’t give up at this stage.


Hi Fracescap,

I would like to echo the others comments re your onc. I have DLA as I have bone and liver mets. My understanding that the you are entitled to DLA under special rules as it is possible that you may die from cancer in the next 12 months not that you will. Its not linked to a poor prognosis. Even the DLA don’t think this as they review it every 3 years I think.

I did have a bit of a problem with the Practise Manager at my GP surgery when I asked about it. I just ended up having a row with her over the phone. I think I went over the top a bit and used the ‘T’ word just to make her feel bad. Anyway GP phoned me and everthing was ok.

McMillan will be able to sort you out.

Good luck


Glad I have lots of responses to this subject. My forms for my mum were sent off last week with the DS1500 form, hopefully should hear this week. I’m bit worried on the mobility side of things though as I completed this part myself and not sure if met the right criteria? Suppose we will have to wait and see. Any ideas on mobility side do you automatically qualify for mobility if you get DLA?

Good Luck all

Jenna x x x

Dear All
Just applied for my DLA and got Macmillan help to fill in the mobility part… as for the DS1500, I went through my doctor who receives reports from onc each time you go to hosp. If you are dx with secondaries, it will be reported and therefore you automatically qualify for benefits under special rules. I didn’t see my doc but arranged it through the practice manager and it was done the next day. The words used were ‘non curative’, which we know anyway! Hope this helps and you get some support with it all.

Thanks everyone, you’ve inspired me to try and get somewhere with this. I just called Macmillan, they said it will largely depend on how much savings I have/living costs etc etc - but my understanding of talking to others was that it was non-means tested?

francesca - it isn’t means tested, I filled in the form alongside a Macmillan benefits advisors and the oncologist filled in a DS1500 in front of me and we posted the form off immediately. At no time did I have to include any information about earnings of myself or my husband or include any information about savings (although if I had they would probably have felt sorry for me and handed me a cheque immediately :o) )

When you spoke to Macmillan they may have ben talking about other benefits that you are entitled to.

Maybe contact the helpline again, or arrange to meet up with a benefits advisor, your hospital should give you information about this!

Good Luck