Do any Men want to swap notes?

I would like to talk about BC, treatment and effects with any similar MALE sufferers.
I had 22mm lump, mastectomy in Oct. 2007, 3/10 lymphs positive, 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxo, phlebitis, cording, wound abscess, arimidex and am now halfway through radiotherapy. I’m due for Herceptin next.
I’m 54 and have kept working throughout - except a 3 day week on Chemo weeks.

i was 24 when i got diagnosed 26 now how are you clunkshift?


I feel comparatively well, not back to full strength but radiotherapy is not a big deal compared to Chemo.
Are you on Arimidex (Anastrasole) and did you have Herceptin?

My name is Lance and just like to say sorry as i’ve not been on for such a long time,
Hope you are coping with everything now,i have had the left side removed and am on tamoxifen for a 5yr period,and had 3wks of radio,unlike Nicky who posted before me but i will let him or his wonderful mum give you his story.
If you would like to chat or get in touch in any other way then we should be able to sort that out somehow,myself and nicky are both on facebook and msn so we can support each other in other ways,i also was diagnosed last year just before you…in the July and op in August.I was at Hinchingbrook in Cambs.
Anyway as i said hope alls ok and get in touch soon…