Do hot flushes go away once chemo finished?

Do hot flushes go away once chemo finished?

Do hot flushes go away once chemo finished? Hi ladies

I am 48 amd finished 6 FECs on 27 February. I am half way through rads.

Do the hot flushes and night sweats caused by chemo go away or are they here to stay? Doctor and oncologist are not very sympathetic (that’s men for you).

They are making my life a misery. I can’t go anywhere without taking my little fan with me. I have brought a Chillow which helps a bit at night. Sleeping tablets at night also help because when I am awake the night sweats keep me awake . I counted 20 in one night before I started on the sleeping tablets. However I can’t stay on sleeping tablets indefinately.

I am due to start Tamoxifen soon and I understood that hot flushes and night sweats are one of the symptons of this drug. If so I don’t think I can stand another 5 years of this whilst on Tamoxifen.

Periods stoped around second FEC in November and nothing since. I don’t particulary want these back but would welcome them with open arms if it meant getting rid of the flushes.

Any advise you ladies can give would be appreciated.

Sweaty hugs to you all


Hi Lesley

Not sure if it is the same for everyone???

I’m 42 and had a Hysterectomy when I was 30, so I went through early menopause when I was 35 - hot flushes, night sweats, pins & needles etc, etc.

I had 4 x FEC (didn’t manage the planned 6) at the end of August through to November last year and again all the menopause symptoms (already mentioned) started again. They did stop after about a month of the last cycle of FEC and I was comfortable right through until February this year when I was commenced on Arimidex… and off I went again, this time it’s the worst of the lot and even though I was told the flushes would get better they seem to be getting worse each day (on average about 1 or 2 an hour and I am up every hour on the dot at night).

All I can think about is the thought of having to put up with this for 5 more years! I think I’ll jump of a bridge by then :wink:

I wish you luck with your flushes… but can totally sympathise.

Lynn x

Thanks Lynn I think you put it politely when you said

“having to put up with this for 5 more years! I think I’ll jump of a bridge by then ;-)”

I said to my husband today that if this carries on I think I could quite easily kill someone…

I am now one month post FEC so I will keep my fingers crossed for (hopefully) a respite before starting Tamoxifen.

Before I gave in to the sleeping tablets, like you I was flushing every hour at night and sometimes even more. I would also have to get up to the loo 3, 4 or 5 times a night. I get up at least once a night even with the sleeping tablets. When I do get up I have several flushes on the trot and then the tablets kick back in then off to sleep again.

I have a desk fan at work which stays on permanently.

Best wishes

Lesley xx

hot flushes hi Lesley

I started having hot flushes 2months into my chemo (last year). i finished all treatment in sept 06 and started Tamoxifen then. Still get hot flushes but it seems to have eased up. they were really bad to begin with, esp the nite sweats.

I have been menopausal since Feb 06 and not periods whatsover. my cancer is oestrogen postive, so iguess its best i dont have any periods.

i eat well (lots of greens and fruit), exercise (gently) and lead an active life. I have also cut down on caffiene. perhaps a combination of these have helped me - will ask my oncologist when i see him.


Had 6 FEC treatments, radiotherapy and now on tamoxifen. I am 40 now and my periods stopped after first chemo. Terrible hot flushes during chemo but they have completely gone away. My last chemo was in Oct and the hot flushes were gone by the end of Jan.
Hope yours are the same.
Lots of love

hi, i started tamoxifen last june and i still get hot flushes. they have settled a bit and i wear layers so i can peel off. i can not wear jumpers as i get to hot in them, i have used cotton sheets all through the winter to help keep me cool in bed and the quilt is flung off at regular intervals.
i have got used to it to a certain degree.
hope you go ok on it.
sharon. x

Hi - I have been on tamoxifen for about 4 months now, and sometimes the hot flushes are unbearable. No sign of them letting up either, so guess will just have to put up with them. Have started taking Sage though - read where it was beneficial - can’t really say if it has lessened them yet though. Am going to invest in a chillow pillow I think, cos read a thread on one of these chat forums the other day in which there were quite a number of good reviews. Think it’ll only get worse in summer so will need all the help I can get! Hope you manage to find some way to lessen them or, better still, that they decrease.

Love and hugs, Jean