Do I get it removed?

Hi there,

Having found a small lump in my right breast just before Christmas, I had it diagnosed yesterday as being a fibroadenoma, which don’t get me wrong is a massive relief but I can’t seem to shake something that is nagging at me. They diasgnosed the lump through an examination and an ultrasound, but wouldn’t do a biopsy as they were sure that it was benign. They also offered to remove it but didn’t think it was necessary and my husband agrees - but I’m thinking that I won’t get real peice of mind unless I do get it removed and is this a proceedure that could be done under local anaesthetic?

Any advice would be greatly welcome.

Mel x

I’d get it removed - and I think they should do the triple test on it before hand, i.e. clinical exam, ultrasound/mammogram and histology - look at the cells from a cell/tissue sample under the microscope. That’s 99% effective at diagnosis but anything less than exam of the cells can’t detect what is not visible.

Most surgeons don’t use local anaesthetic for lumps in the UK, they do in America as it is safer and quicker and you don’t need to stay in hospital for so long. I wanted it but was refused. I was told they only use it if someone is too ill for general


When i was DX with BC they also found 2 Fibroadenomas (one in each breast) they did a core biopsy on both and said they were harmless (breast mouse)and didnt remove them ,think i would have prefered to of had them removed at the same time as the tumour though .they also found a cyst which they drained.I too asked to have a local anaesthetic but was refused .


Hi Mel

I think Mole and Lindiloo have given sound advice. Get it removed, your piece of mind is the key, I am sorry to say but I don’t think your husband full understands what this worry can do to us. Yes general anesthetic holds risks but life holds more.

If your reading this too Mr Mel sorry I do sound brutal, but I have been under the knife 9 times in my life time (3 for breast cancer). I once had a bad experience with the drugs they paralysed me with, but this drug is not used for breast surgery.


Thank you for your advice - I think I already knew that I wanted to have it removed but almost felt a little silly about it and I guess I am worried other people may see it as being silly to undergo what they could perceive as needless surgery. To me, although I have been told it’s fine, there is still a lump there and whilst it’s there it isn’t going to stop occupying my mind.


I was told my lump was definitely benign but I decided to have it removed as I was over 45 and I didn’t want it there regardless. It turned out to be cancer so naturally I would say have it taken out


have to say i am now slightly concerned that you told benign but turned out to be cancer! that said, I am sure it doesn’t occur that often and my lump (fibrodenoma) is only 4mm so hopefully less likely to be suspect. that is exactly why i am having it taken out as they test it again so final peace of mind.



I had something similar about 2 years ago and wanted to get it removed for peace of mind - they took mine out under local anaesthetic and it was absolutely fine.

Take care

I have had a lump in my right breast for over a year now. A mamogram i had done in november discoverd another lump in my right breast. the lump from last year has grown to over 2cm and the new lump slightly smaller. The biopsy results were inconclusive. The hospital had a meeting last week to decided weather or not to remove the lumps and I get told on Tue 29th Jan. I dont care what they think is best, I want them out!!
My sis got breast cancer at 38… died just after her 50th b/day. My bro has has surgery for prostrate cancer and was told 2 days ago that his PSA levels has increased so the cancer is back!! My aunt and Uncle died from cancer. Im gona have my lumps removed, best not to take chances i think

Hi Jane,

My two cancerous tumours were both small (one 6mm and one 1.2cm) when they were discovered. They were grade 2 (moderately fast growing), so small doesn’t mean less suspect (in my opinion), just that it was found earlier.

Don’t mean to sound scarey though.

Best of luck,
Jacki xx

yes turns out lump was 2 cm on one side but fortunately still benign. a huge relief but i suppose shows that scans etc are not always the full picture!

I was assured my very small lump was nothing. Matter of fact, they almost made me feel silly for wanting biopsy.I insisted on biopsy. Turned out positive - grade 2 - invasive ductal CA - mets - to 1 lymph node. You must be your own advocate. If you will feel better, than insist on having them removed. It’s your body, your health, your future.
Take care of yourself…xoxo Zohart

I would get it removed. Back in Sept 2006 I was diagnosed with a 42mm fibroadenoma, all tests came back clear and I was asked whether or not I want it removed. I said yes as I did not like the fact it was there and I kept touching it, it was also uncomfortable. Good job it came out as it was hiding a 33mm tumour, grade 3, 1 node involved and Her2+. When I went back to get the dressing off the surgeon just looked straight at me and said “well, it’s a good job you had this fibroid removed because we found a cancer”. I actually thought he had the wrong notes in front of him. I was so surprised as I felt so well. 3 weeks later I was back in hospital having my underarm cleared.

I finish Herceptin in 3 weeks and have my final oncology appointment at the end of April. Thankfully I’m moving on with my life and have a very different life to my former one. I take nothing for granted now and am happy with what I have as health is worth more than anything material.

Hi everyone,

Hope you can help, I’m having the same dilema as Mel and have also posted this in anoter thread.

I find myself back on here after just 6 months when I had a strange lump removed from my left breast (see diabetic mastopathy thread) I found a lump in my right breast at the beginning of feb and went straight to my GP. It feels the same as the last one except it’s not at all tender like before, the last one was agony! GP referred me and we agreed that it felt like the same thing as I had before, which turned out to be chronic imflamation condition/ductal mastitis. After 5 weeks of waiting for an appointment I phoned the hospital to be told the GP had marked my referal as ‘routine’, I was livid! I was finally seen on Tuesday there and disappointingly the doc said it’s defo not the same thing as before. He said it’s likely to be a fibroadenoma but had to confirm this with a core biopsy. He was asking if I would like it removed if it IS a fibroadenoma and I said no, as I’d had the other lump removed just 6 months ago. I’ve got to wait 3 weeks for the results, very annoying. Now, reading this thread, I’m thinking I want it removed no matter what it is! I’m 28 and beginning to wonder if I’m doing/eating/drinking something wrong for this to be happening! Paranoia? My Mum doesn’t like me drinking soya milk?!

Actually, I just don’t know what to think and perhaps there’s no point contemplating until I get the results. The other lump came out no bother. I was in as a day patient, took just 2 weeks off work (which could have been less in all honesty) and have an invisible scar, tremendous work! However I can’t help feel I’ll be putting my very understanding employer in an awkward position for more time off. My Mum started chemo and radio on Monday for cervical cancer, and the boss has been great with time off.
Oh what to do!?



Thank you to everyone who responded to my post.

I finally had the op to remove the lump on Friday under local anaesthetic - it was a bit weird (as you can feel everything and it’s a bit uncomfortable but you don’t feel any pain) but given the option I would recommend having it done under local as I was out of hospital in under 2 hours afterwards and back at work today (Monday). It still hurts a bit but nothing cocodamol can’t take the edge off . For me, it’s such a relief to have it gone and would advise anyone who is in the dilemma I was in to opt for surgery - it’s not pleasant but nor is the constant worry of having the lump. I have a follow up in two weeks, which I am a bit nervous about, but hopefully all will be well.

Mel x

hi mel,i’m booked in for my lumpectomy on thursday but unlike you i’m having a general.was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma after i begged my gp for a second first visit to the breast clinic was a waste of time,had a fna but was fobbed off with an inadequate cell sample.i requested for it to be removed as it was constantly on my mind.i would check my boob several times a day.what is your follow up for?is it the pathology results?hope all goes well kelly x

Hi Kelly,

I’m sorry to hear that you have been messed around by your GP and the clinic - it’s a stressful enough time as it is. My GP was very good but I felt, like you, that I had been fobbed off at the clinic as they didn’t even do a biopsy. So for my sanity and peace of mind I have had it removed. I haven’t been told what my follow up is for - I am assuming it’s for pathology results but once again communication has been poor and getting any answers to questions is a nightmare!

Good luck on Thursday (today!) - hope everything goes well and you get some peace of mind Mel x

hi mel, back from the op.everything went well, just feel like i’ve been hit by a bus.arrived at the hospital at 7.45 went down at 8.50 OH came to collect me at boob feels like a lump of concrete,very sore and swollen.pity i can’t keep the swelling,half of me looks 16 again.have to go and see the practice nurse at my gp surgery next week just to get the wound cons said he would write to me with the path reults in a few birthday today(31) so i’ll be spending the day relaxing,my dad came and took my little boy to school which was a big help.let me know how you get on with your results,fingers crossed for both of us.take care kelly x

Hi Kelly,

Happy Birthday!

I’m really glad everything went well, hopefully the pain will get better soon - a bit rubbish that you have to spend your birthday feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus though! Make sure everyone spoils you as much as possible! My problem was getting comfortable enough to sleep - it seemed whatever way I lay just made it hurt more, but a week on I don’t get much pain from the wound just more of an ache across that side.

Had my stitches out today and the wound looks quite neat and tidy which is good but am now feeling a little sore as they weren’t all that gentle. My follow up appointment is on Thursday so will keep you posted - let me know how you get on with your path results.

Take care Mel x

hi mel,got my path results this morning.confirmed a fibroadenoma,i’m so did you get on?please let me know.take care kelly x