Do I have a biopsy if lump isn't seen on ultrasound?

Hi ladies


I am 33 and have had a thickening / lump for a year now. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds - all of which have come back saying the can’t see anything at all on the ultrasound and is probably just glandular tissue.


It started hurting recently (though hasn’t changed in size) so I went back to the breast clinic and they have offered to do a biopsy if I want one. I’m really not sure what to do, as I don’t want an invasive procedure if it’s just glandular tissue. However it worries me slightly that they can’t see what it is, but can feel there is a lump.


Please can anyone offer advice about what I should do …   Is it usual to biopsy on a lump which cannot been seen on the ultrasound and also on a lump which hasn’t changed in size at all? Has anyone else had  a lump which just hasn’t gone away after a year and had no explanation for? 


They have also given me the choice between a fine needle and a core biopsy. I have asboutely no clue what to do! A core needle sounds like it is only used if something suspicious is seen …


Thanks in advance for your help and advice, I’m feeling so anxious. x



Hi there


sorry to hear about your quandary.  A quick thought came to mind.  Have they offered you a breast MRI?  I understand this is a better screening tool for younger breasts.  Of course there maybe good reason why they haven’t offered, but thought I would mention.  That aside, it sounds like they want triple assurance for you, and would potentially put your mind at rest, if you went forward for the biopsy.  Don’t know if that helps, but just a thought.

Hi Greentea. l am 42. l have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Not quite the same situation as you but l was told that my tumor was 42 mm which is the size the Ultrasound showed (I did have a biopsy on the tumor to diagnose it as cancer), l was then given a Mri to check the size as I apparently have dense breast tissue. The MRI showed the tumor was more likely to be 22 mm but there was what looked to be another ‘bit’ to the side.  The consultant then sent me for another Ultrasound and possibly a biopsy, but when l had the ultrasound despite lots of poking, checking the MRI and changes in resolution there was no sign of the extra bit. l also had a benign thicker bit on the left, which they took a biopsy of to check, the biopsy was sore but not too bad and the soreness was relatively short lived, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with the decision making!

I have the same type of issue. You can clearly see the lump when I’m sitting and have my arm raised. I had a mammogram and a ultrasound the other day and they could see it on the mammogram but they were having problems locating it when I had the ultrasound. It was so strange that it like disappeared when I was laying down. They are sending me to see the Breast surgeon on Wednesday. But they seemed puzzled. Is yours visible or can only be felt when standing?