Do I have cancer?

Hello all my name is Kylie I’m 28. I’m new to this forum so here goes.


i few weeks ago I found a hard lump in my right breast that is tender to touch. Me being me I shrugged it off and thought it was nothing. I’ve noticed since then that my breast gas gotten slightly bigger and heavier. I still ignored it. Then cutting a long story short I saw someone I know well earlier this week and she told me she’d got breast cancer. It really hit a nerve so I thought I best get checked out. I went to see my gp yesterday, she had a feel and told me could feel the lump. Without saying much else she did a referral to the breast clinic whilst I was there. She then gave me the referral form to give to the receptionist to fax over. I had a read of it and it said urgent 2 week referral, suspicion of breast cancer. Does this mean she thinks I’ve got breast cancer, or is this just procedure? 

Hi Kylie,

sorry to hear you are in this worrying limbo suspecting the worst but having to wait to find out. I always found the waiting the worst bit.


Anyway, gp’s have to refer anyone with certain symphoms/size of lump and the 2 week referal time is  standard. Unfortunately no-one will know for sure what you have/have not until they do tests (any combination of mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy) and get the results back.


Hope you get your appointment soon and get the tests done quickly to find out one way or the other. In the meantime try not to google things as it’ll just make you more anxious x