Do I have lymphodema?

Hello everyone, I had a WLE in Feb08, chemo and rads. i finished all of this at the beginning of October. Within the last week or so I have noticed pain and discomfort under my arm where I had 3 nodes out travelling round under my breast to the site where the tumour was removed. It started after i had been using that side to clean windows and lift things and this week is my fist week back to work on full time hours. i would appreciate any info on this. i will get it checked out by my GP tomorrow.


Hi Rach

Sounds as tho’ you might have the beginings of a problem - but hopefully not. I think it’s a good idea to see your GP tomorrow, as you are planning to do. With any luck, he will refer you to your local lymphoedema clinic (if he doesn’t, push for a referral from somebody else - bcn, surgeon, oncologist) - if he is genned up on lymphoedema.

It might be an idea to leave off heavy housework and lifting for a bit, if you can. I imagine you’ve been given a leaflet about basic lymphoedema precautions from your hospital?

One thing you could do while you’re waiting for an expert assessment is measure both the circumference of both arms at identical points. Then remeasure your affected arm at few days later at the same time of day. And again after a few more days, etc. This might give you some proof that something is happening which can present to the lymphoedema nurse when you get your appt.

Let us know how you get on.