Do I need a sleeve for flying?

I had 9 lymph nodes removed 6 years ago and due to recurrence have just had another 6 removed from same armpit. Do i need to wear a compression sleeve for a flight of around 4 hours. I know i need to wear stockings as im on tamoxifen, but not sure of lymphoedema risk to arm with 15 nodes gone. Thank u

Hi Lolly


I only had snb but I looked into this earlier in the year as I was doing 2 long haul flights and with being on Tamoxifen as well I was a bit concerned. I spoke to a lymphoedema nurse and she said that she did not know of any cases that had been brought on by long flights. So I made sure I did lots of exercises during flight and took aspiren a couple of hours beforehand for the DVT risk and I was fine.