Do I take someone with me to the Breast Clinic

Hi, I’m new here… trying really hard not to look on google too much but thought maybe I could join a forum where people have been through this before… 

Roll back to earlier in the summer when I noticed a dent on my right breast, I did t really think much of it as I’ve been eating healthy and exercising so thought it might just be my ribs in my chest… so I kind of ignored it. Then about a week ago I noticed it again and it seemed quite prominent when I raise my right arm which what feels like a lump… off to the docs I went, she didn’t check but referred me to the breast clinic and I got my appointment through on the same day for Monday next week (30th September) 

What will be will be and I’m quite relaxed about it BUT the closer Monday is getting the more anxious I am getting… my paperwork suggests allowing 3 or 4 hours for the appointment… I haven’t told anyone about the clinic appointment as I’d rather not let anyone worry… but my question is - should I be take someone with me on Monday? 

Hi shellbell


Sorry you’re in this position. It echoes me a year ago tomorrow! It’s always good to be checked but most lumps are not evil. With that in mind I swanned off to my first appointment on my own, convinced this was just a simple precaution. Big mistake. I had two small biopsies “just in case” so I drove home in a lot of discomfort and a bit shaken, probably not as safely as a driver should be. I still wasn’t concerned as my consultant wasn’t, but I did decide to park at a friend’s the next week and let her drive me. I didn’t take her in with me but I should have - once you have been told you have cancer, your brain can turn to mush and you don’t take in a lot of what you are being told. Nor can you think clearly enough to ask the right questions. So, based on my experience, I’d say take the right person with you - someone calm and someone you trust to ask questions on your behalf if you can’t. A good, unflappable driver is preferable too. Regarding the questions, you need to agree with your companion how much you want/need to know. Some people want all the facts, I preferred to know as little as possible as I was born catastrophising and I needed to get through what lay ahead with as little fear as possible. I really just wanted them to get on with it and get me better.


Well done for avoiding Dr Google. S/he can be your worst nightmare, filled with information you may not have the knowledge to interpret accurately and full of potential alarm. There are brilliant leaflets available here and talking to the nurses on the phone is a very reassuring and positive experience. However, I hope you won’t need these and get a good outcome next week. Btw, if you’re worried by the speed of getting an appointment, the NHS is committed to seeing everyone within 2 weeks, so it’s not a bad sign!


Good luck,