Do you have to travel far for radiotherapy or chemo?

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I’m not sure if this the right topic to post this but here goes.

I live in East Sussex and had to travel to the Kent Oncology Centre in Maidstone for radiotherapy which is an 80 miles round trip. Travelling any distance can be tiring enough in it’s own right never mind feeling the tiredness from the radiotherapy. I was lucky in having the support for this but talking to people I realised that some are not so lucky and have to use public transport to get to Miadstone because they fall outside the criteria for assisted travel. In view of this, I have began looking into the idea of setting up a voluntary travel service to help people get their appointments. This service, if started, would hopefully compliment and be in addition to exisiting services. The idea is in it’s very early stages and I was wondering what sort of response/suggestions I would get from people.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions please reply to my post.

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Hi Helen,
i think this is a very good idea if you have the time and energy to set it in motion. I’m from W Sussex and know that some of the people being treated in Brighton travel miles to get their treatment. Brighton did offer a hospital bus thingy to help those without transport but it was a sort of round robin affair and some people were on the bus for ages - just not what you want after a session of rads or chemo. Anything that helps get patients to/from treatment as quickly as possible has got to be good.
best of luck with it

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your support. I’ve been speaking to my local voluntary action group who have been looking into this as an added service to the existing local community transport and I am going to get on board (excuse the pun) with the development of a dedicated patient transport service. It will take some time to come to fruition but I definitely think it will be worth the time and energy.

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hi Caroline
I think you are doing a really worthwhile job and well done.I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.When I lived in Rutland I had a 50 mile round trip to Leicester.I was really grateful to be driven there every day by the voluntary car service paid for by the WRVS at the hospital.I had 35 rads so would never have survived the driving as by the end I was totally shattered.
Well done.

Sorry should have said well done Helen.Just put it down to getting old!!

Helen this would be really useful. I had a sixty mile round trip for rads. If I had used public transport it would have been six buses! I was not entitled to any hospital transport as only those on income based benefits can get that in my area. Luckily friends and family came to my aid. I would have welcomed some help at a difficult time.