Do you still have to have blood taken each time before Herceptin?

I am due to start Herceptin in 3 weeks time…do I still have to have bloods taken before each treatment the same as Chemo? Also do you have to take steroids before/during Herceptin (as I did with chemo).

Blood pre-herceptin isn’t necessary, although they may want an occasional sample!

No steroids needed either-thankfully, as I swear I hated them almost as much as the chemo. I’m on a chemo break at the moment, but when I recommence it, I’ll be asking if I can try to do without the steroids.

Hi Madcyclist,

I have been on herceptin now for 5 years and as Elaine says pre-herceptin bloods are not necessary. Some hospitals do it - my own - The Royal Marsden stopped doing it about a year ago. I also find that at my hospital there are none of those awful long waits on the day for your drugs to be ready because herceptin can be made up when the nurse is ready to set up the infusion. Hope it goes o.k. for you.


I have bloods taken from the canula every time I have herceptin, and get the results 3 weeks later when I go for the next dose. During the 2 years I’ve been on herceptin, blood tests have never shown any problems. This also lets me know how my tumor markers are doing.
Love, Lynn

Thank you so much everyone. Looking forward not to sitting all day with an upturned ice-bucket on my head and going home with a carrier bag load of tablets and syringes!!

I’m due to restart Herceptin after my op. this time without the chemo. My Hospital have a home treatment service for the heceptin, meaning no daytrips to the hospital. You might like to ask if if they have this service where you are.