do your veins stop being painful eventually?

do your veins stop being painful eventually?

do your veins stop being painful eventually? Hi Ladies

I just wonder if anyone can tell me if after treatment has stopped and perhaps a little time down the line do your veins stop being painful, each time I have FEC about a week later the pain is bad is this forever or does it go back to normal I do use movelat gel on them and this helps and I only have 2 more chemo’s to go.

many thanks

Hi Lucy Mine stopped being painful about a month after treatment ended. 6 months on, I am just conscious of one vein but ever so slightly. Doesn’t bother me.

Margaret x

Had my last chemo at the end of November last year and my veins settled back down by the end of February this year.

Lynn x

dear Lynn & Margaret Dear Lynn & Margaret

thank you very much for posting I am very grateful, you have given me hope, I thought I might feel like this forever. I guess I am looking a 5-6 months before it settles down that I can live with…


I had no probs with veins up until fec 5 itself when I was in agony. On fec 6 I took paracetamol beforehand and warmed my arm with a hot water bottle (put a piece of cloth over your arm and don’t have too hot).

No real bad pain after end of chemo, just a sort of bruised feeling. 4 wks later this is already hardly noticable so lets hope you will soon pick up.


Thanks Irene

I think in my case it depends who administers the chemo I have 3 different people out of 4 chemo’s, the last women was a nightmare the saline drip had stopped working and she was putting the red epi through I said my arm is itching, hurting and bright red and she said it was ok, the other nurse who normally does it came in and said it wasnt ok, then there was a big phaff around pulling the needle etc to make it flow again…I hope I don’t get that women this Friday.