Docetaxel Allergy

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had an allergic reaction to Docetaxel. I had my 2nd course of Docetaxel and Cyclophosphomide last week then yesterday the back of my head started itching and got progressively worse through the day ending with me going to bed with my whole scalp itching and covered in a rash. When I woke up the rash and itching had spread to my hands, forearms and abdomen too but these other sites weren’t as itchy as my head.

I went up to see the onc’s this afternoon and the only thing they can think that it is is an allergic reaction to the Docetaxel. They’ve given me piriton and dome aqueous cream and a clinic appointment for the day before my next chemo is due. If they decide it is definitely an allergy they will change my chemo from the Docetaxel to it’s sister drug (can’t remember the name now) but that will have to be given weekly and not every three weeks. They also said if I have a reaction to that too they will have to think very hard about what treatment they can give me which sounds very scary right now.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Were you ok with the 2nd drug they tried?

Love San.


San I had an allergic reaction to Docetaxel(Taxotere)when they were administering it - I went into anyphalactic shock and stopped breathing. It was a very unpleasant experience and I assumed that would mark the end of my treatment with Tax- but no. They said that for the next dose they would supply a regimen to prevent allergic reaction that I would have to follow before the dose - basically lots of antihistamines and steroids. So don’t worry - they can do a lot to prevent allergic responses.
Good luck with it all. It is a year now since I finished chemo and rads - hair is back, energy is iffy but on its way back. Hang in there - you will get to the end of this.

I had my 3rd tax last wednesday, and am itching around my neck and down my arms, legs and stomach. I find piriton very helpful.

During the first two sessions i had a reaction to the gcsf injections and ended up in a rash on my chest and down one arm, piriton also helped then.

I now have iv piriton and hydrocortisone (i think) aswell as the steroids before i have the tax and usually carry on taking piriton till i have the last gcsf injection on day 6. It does mean the first week i am extremely tired all the time but it does mean i can carry on with the tax.
My oncologist says i am hypersensitive. I say i am just a bloody wreck!!

Thanks for your replies girls, it’s good to know I’m not alone in having a reaction and itch and I mean that in the nicest way, lol.

My rash is getting worse now, my scalp is almost covered and I have a huge band of it across my stomach where my waistband has been. The piriton tablets have done wonders for stopping the itching thank god cozitwas driving me insane!

Thanks also for letting me know how your problems were controlled. I shall be asking my onc if we can try something similar before changing drug as icant bare the thought of chemo every week unless there is no other way to go first.

Love San.



I too had a reaction to docetaxel, I couldn’t breathe and ended up with oxygen, I also experienced pain in my kidneys,it happened very quick and the nurses soon had it under control.

They increased my steroids to 30 within 36 hrs,i then went back for a second infusion, i had yet another reaction, and ended up going back the following week where they changed me to taxol, and I was fine,the side effects have been minimal and i go on the 3rd feb for the fifth cycle,

I know everyone is different and wish you all the best

ann x

I just thought I should tell you about my experience in case it helps. I had an anaphalactic reaction to taxotere, and my onc thought it likely that I would also have one with taxol, so she applied for PCT funding for abraxane, which is taxol but mixed with albumin rather than ( I think) camphor, which is the medium for taxol. I am now on my 4th cycle and haven’t had any allergic reactions. Unfortunately, abraxane hasn’t been licensed here yet,so this is why we needed to make a case to the PCT.


Hi just wondering if anyone has had this I had my third round of docetaxol last wed but took a severe reaction couldn’t breath blood pressure dropped violently sick and nearly passed out thought I was going to loose bowel control (sorry for the overshare but that was theworst par for me thinking that might happen,) think trying to control the bowel is what kept me from passing out so they stopped the treatment ended up on a ward till everything settled. So they said I was coming off docetaxel three weekly (with Herceptin and phosclopsamide )  i only had one session lefts to weekly palitaxol so had that today and again had bad reaction bright red itchy palms and feet hot and flushed at neck and felt like was going to pass out blood pressure drop etc so not good had to stop treatment. Now I’m really worried what they will do because it was so frightening the first time I thought I was actually going to die today not quite as bad in that respect but most certainlly very very bad, I dot. Want them t try it again it’s such a such to the body I was shaking for ages has anyone had this and what did they do about it ? I’m worried. Won’t be able t get my chemo ?